Share your stash Monday

OK, it’s the day after the Big Day (for many of us). Although a wonderful holiday, it is rather nice to get back to an at least somewhat normal schedule. So, inquiring minds want to know: What goodies did Santa (wink) leave for you under the tree? Or did you treat yourself and gift yourself with something cool this season? What’s new in your fragrant stash?

Nothing new scent-wise for me this holiday, as my fragrant stash is getting a little out of hand, ha! However, not long ago I did get a little decant of Sweet Morphine to try it sprayed (lovely!), and am toying with the idea of snagging another spray sample of Charlotte Tilbury’s Scent of a Dream, as I’m going through my first one at an alarming rate. I’m also itching to try Guerlain’s Neroli Outrenoir. Have any of you sniffed it? If so, would love to hear your thoughts. Not sure if my Neiman’s has it, but will call to find out after the holiday crush. But that’s about it. My main holiday focus has been on getting through the craziness and on weight loss, so I’m trying to stay on track with those.

Sweet DH gave me some $$ to do with whatever I’d like; I also got a lovely folding footstool (perfect for when the recliner is occupied), and Starbucks and eBay gift cards, which will be fun to use in the coming weeks.

Anyhoo, hope you are all doing well. Do let us know what you’re up to now and give us the skinny on your holiday stash. Also, anyone got any cool New Year’s plans to share?

  • rickyrebarco says:

    I got a bottle of Sweet Morphine and a replacement for my used up Mon Exclusif from Guerlain. Happy camper here!

    • Ann says:

      Happy camper is right! Lucky you to have that bottle of Sweet Morphine and that Guerlain, too. You smell great!

  • EchoCharlie says:

    I got quite a bit of smellies this year. My daughters sweet boyfriend gave me the molton brown mini shower gel mum gave me the Malle POAL shower cream and body oil and my hubby gave me the beautiful bottle of Guerlain Ne M’oubliez Pas…which I had used about 3 decants up previously!

    • Ann says:

      Wowza — it sounds like you hit the fragrance jackpot! Aren’t those MB shower gels cute and fun? Enjoy your stash!

  • Tatiana says:

    No perfume as gifts this year as Dear Daughter and I had just returned from a trip to Paris. Serge Lutens was crowded so we didn’t wait it out to sniff or buy anything there. Still kicking myself for not picking up Santal Mysore. At Jovoy I bought the new Christmas candle and Parfum d’Empire Azemore. DD bought herself Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa. We also stopped in at By Killian and Dear Daughter bought herself Rose Oud and Playing with The Devil.

    • Ann says:

      Oh, how wonderful! You got your presents live via France! Nice items you purchased, and now, each time you two use them it will remind you of your fabulous trip.

  • tiffanie says:

    Welp, I was floored this Christmas because my son, bless his heart, has grown up enough to have a part time job, and he sneakily used some of his earnings to buy and stash a little gift under the tree for me.

    I’m constantly mislaying my house keys, so he got me one of those little Tile tags that beep. Now I can play a game of hot-and-cold and find my lost keys with ease. And when I lose my phone I can use the Tile thingy to make my keys find my phone. It’s magic.

    • Ann says:

      Wow, Tiffanie — what a cool gift! As I am prone to losing things, too, my ears pricked up big-time when I read your post. Please do tell me more about your wonderful Tile tags, how they work, where do you get them, etc. Sounds like a must-have for my crazy life, ha! Thanks so much!

  • Ann says:

    Ah, that explains a lot! Thanks for the info. Don’t worry about the similarities; if you like them, I say just enjoy them both for as long as they last.

  • GrandmaGaga says:

    With reference to my above post mentioning my new Poison Girl: I had tried it at Duty Free and instantly fell for it….as you noted, it is nowhere to be found in stores. I waited nearly a year and found it on Fragrancenet for quite a discounted price. During the year I waited, I fell in love with Juicy Couture’s Gold Couture and honestly, I realize now they smell similar in a very sweet gourmandy way and now I’m slightly regretting getting the Poison Girl…first world problems…

  • Ann says:

    Fun gifts, Michelle! Those samplers are too cool; it’s great to try a new scent (or two) each day. Just jump in and enjoy!

  • Sampler set of Zoologist (never tried), sampler set of Ambergris perfumes and Best of the Brits Sampler Set from STC. Merry Christmas to me! Now, where to start…

  • HeidiC says:

    We just moved into our house recently, so outside of gifts for our son, we mostly did house stuff — I got a bunch of shelves at IKEA and my hubby installed them in the office, so now all my books are unboxed and accessible — can’t tell you how much that means to me!

    • Ann says:

      Congratulations, Heidi! That is great! And esp. since your books being set up makes you happy. Enjoy your new house!

  • nemo says:

    I have a Lush gift certificate which I look forward to spending entirely on Rose Jam 🙂 Love reading about everyone’s gifts!

    • Ann says:

      Hurray, Nemo, you’ll definitely have a sweet Rose Jam 2017! It is fun, isn’t it, to see what other folks got.

  • jackie b says:

    Delayed gratification here, my parents always just send me money, and I am saving it until our trip to Paris next year. The wish list is currently being refined!
    So excited already!

    • Ann says:

      Wowza, Jackie — how cool is that? You are so good to save it; I don’t know if I would be so disciplined 😉 Do let us know what’s near the top of your list for your big trip. Of course, I know it could change at a moment’s notice, ha!

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    One of my mates bought me the La Chasse aux Papillons Shower Gel by L`Artisan and another got me the Korres 40ml Body Wash boxed selection. As you know I love my baths they were a huge hit.
    Happy Happy me.
    Portia xx

    • Ann says:

      Yay, Portia! Your baths will be fabulous for months! What scents do the Korres shower gels come in? I’ve heard of the line but never really seen it in my travels, but definitely sounds worth investigating.

  • Tara C says:

    I smelled the Néroli Outrenoir – the opening is a dead ringer for Séville à l’Aube, then the drydown shifts into what smells like myrrh and tea. It is nice but I’m boycotting Guerlain until they get rid of the bulb sprayers, which I hear will happen next year. I guess I wasn’t the only one who hated them.

    I have a Nordstrom’s gift card, plan to seek out the new Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka for a sniff. No perfume gifts but I bought myself a decant of MDCI Fêtes Persanes and JM Oud Bergamot.

    • Ann says:

      Tara, thanks so much for the description — I’ll definitely have to check it out. And do let us know what you think of the new Jo Malone when you do try it. I haven’t sniffed it either (been avoiding the crazy holiday crowds since before Thanksgiving), but it does sound yummy.

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    Got some pj’s, pearl earrings and money but no perfume. With the Christmas money I will probably take a look at getting myself something on my wishlist.

    • Ann says:

      That’s a pretty sweet haul there! And the $$ is especially nice — hope you get something fabulous to spritz.

  • GrandmaGaga says:

    Weeeellll…….since you asked; I participated in a Secret Santa on the forum of another blog and received a gorgeous pink bottle of Very Hollywood and purchased myself a 100ml of Poison Girl. Let’s just say I’m smellin’ great!

    • Ann says:

      Oooh, lucky you! And I have to ask: How would you describe Poison Girl? I need to try it soon but not sure who carries it. Thanks!

  • tandaina says:

    Santa brought my husband and I a new fridge so we had a very low key Christmas outside of that! (It’s a lovely new fridge which we’ve wanted for ages, so very kind of the old elf.) But I bought myself an Advent present of Bond’s West Side. 😉

    • Ann says:

      Now that is a cool present, Tandaina! It’s a necessity, but it’s nice when it’s the model you’ve been wanting and you can use it for years. And lucky you to have snagged that West Side — enjoy!