Dina C. June 15, 2019

What a privilege to make that incredible multi-country journey! Amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I love traveling by train. :-)

Kathleen June 14, 2019

I love your comment that you will unpack all of your memories with time Portia. Win win! After thoroughly enjoying your travels and adventures, those are everlasting gifts from the comfort of home. I've traveled a lot in the past, and now am more of a homebody. I still travel within driving distance because I can't go without my dogs, or I take quick weekend trips to visit friends and family while husband stays home with dogs. However, I have France (for perfume) on my wishlist. Welcome home! xx

Tonia June 14, 2019

What a beautiful adventure you shared together, thanks for sharing. And you are right, holidays a wonderful but there really is no place like home ? I’m heading to New York in Aug for work, but bringing my mumma so having a bit of a holiday too! Not sure what perfume I’ll wear but it will be summer so no doubt something fresh! ?

Pam June 14, 2019

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! What a fantastic journey. And congrats to you both!

Tina G June 13, 2019

Big big BIG welcome home Portia & Jin! What an amazing trip :) Can't wait to catch up. Lots of Love TinaG xx

matty1649 June 13, 2019

Fantastic photos of your fantastic honeymoon.XXXXX

Jennifer S June 13, 2019

Congratulations! And isn’t it wonderful to have everything go off as planned. Kudos to Jin! Your pictures are just splendid and what a real treat it is to travel to these marvelous places. I have never been able to get out of my own backyard myself lol, but never say never, right?!

hczerwiec June 13, 2019

What beautiful photos -- thanks for sharing! And welcome home!

Tara June 13, 2019

Fantastic. Maybe we can catch up over the phone this weekend x

filomena813 June 13, 2019

Yes Portia, those memories not only keep me warm at night but get me through the work week!

Filomena June 13, 2019

Last Fall I spent 19 days and nights in Sicily and Italy with my oldest son who lives in L.A. and who I hadn't seen in two years. We both flew to Rome from our respective cities and went to Cefalu', Taormina, Siracusa, Catania, Venice, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, Positano, Pompeii and Herculaneum, and then back to Rome for our respective flights back to the States. It was the very best (and probably my last) trip I have ever taken.

Tara C June 13, 2019

No money for travel this year, but I’m hoping I can finally make it back to Paris next fall after a 10 year hiatus. Just a few days, as I am pretty much a homebody and love being at home and comfy, plus I miss my dog when I’m away. I could not go on a six week trip!

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