Blanche Immortelle by Jérôme Epinette for Atelier Cologne 2014

Hey Hey Posse Peeps, Blanche Immortelle is another of the Atelier Cologne line that completely flew under my radar. I must have tried it because I have a 5ml decant here with a bit gone. All the tape etc is still intact though so usage not evaporation.

Blanche Immortelle by Jérôme Epinette for Atelier Cologne 2014

Blanche Immortelle Atelier Cologne FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Calabrian bergamot, Italian mandarin, Grasse mimosa
Heart: Corsican immortelle absolute, Indian jasmine sambac, Turkish rose absolute
Base: Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Australian sandalwood

Citrus and herbs open us up here but already I have hints of patchouli warming what I was expecting to be super green to a warmer, more bakery feeling. Not a gourmand as such but definitely sweeter and cakier than the mimosa + citrus my head was anticipating. The immortelle is not the parched, crackled dried flower but the honeyed warmth of the sun mixed with sheer and clean jasmine. Beautiful. So warm and wearable yet with a veer toward freaky. Had the projection and heft been lifted another 20% we would have been fabulously overwhelmed. As it is Blanche Immortelle is as comfortable as your favourite, now thinning but still super warm cashmere/wool jumper.

The sweetness is paired beautifully with patchouli and creamy sandalwood as the fragrance progresses and I’m surprised that tobacco and amber aren’t noted as ingredients.

Blanche Immortelle Atelier Cologne couple Olessya PixabayPDI

I can imagine this becoming a total go-to scent for people who aren’t perfumistas but want to smell good. They are aware of the power of scent but not interested in having a collection. One fabulous, wear it everyday, never have to worry and often get compliments perfume for her or him that can take them anywhere. Work, Weekends, Events, Home all covered by one lovely fragrance.

I am seriously thinking about buying a few 30ml of Blanche Immortelle to have on hand for gifting.

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LuckyScent has $250/100ml
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Which of the Ateliers took your fancy?
Portia xx



Portia also writes for Australian Perfume Junkies.

Jennifer S. February 16, 2018

Orange Sanguine is my favorite as well and one that gets compliments! And the more I wear of my Cafe Tuberosa sample, the more I like that too. Good in the cold weather. Lol at the ‘veer toward freaky’. The notes sound nice....I’ll try it next time at Sephoras.

HeidiC February 15, 2018

The only one I wear much is their Orange Sanguine -- it's lovely and fresh and androgynous, and the perfect thing in the summer.

Tara C February 15, 2018

I love Blanche Immortelle, every time I wear it I am transported to a fabulous summer vacation on the beaches of Corsica. It smells like warm skin baked in the sun and the immortelle flowers radiating their maple sweetness in the intense heat of summer. All my favourites from Atelier Cologne are out of their metal collection: Santal Carmin, Silver Iris and Gold Leather, except for Cafe Tuberosa. Oh, and Sous le Toit de Paris, the Galeries Lafayette scent.

Neva February 15, 2018

Blanche Immortelle really is a nice scent. It reminds me of a romantic weekend in the countryside. My favourites are Jasmine Angelique which has a similar vibe and Rendez-vous which is kind of glamorous.

shiva-woman February 15, 2018

Blanche Immortelle is one of five that I purchased. You can get the discovery set, pretty much all of them from Aftelier to try with a future discount. I applied that and picked up a few citruses, Poivre, Tobacco Nuit, and Blanche Immortelle. Immortelle is another note that people love or hate, some finding it curry-like. I totally get that, and I love curry, but to me it smells like summer outdoors here in the Sierra Nevada of California. It is sweet, maple-pancakey herbal, dried-grass goodness. Love it. Aftelier's take as opposed to say AG Sables is very wearable and easy, I think, a little "thin," so I thought your sweater analogy quite apt as some immortelles are sweet, sticky, warm and thick--far too cloying in high heat for example. I too thought it had a gentle tobacco-amber vibe. I think of it as "entry-level immortelle" that one can wear year round, and one of their more interesting ventures (I think some of that immortelle shows up in anothe one I like of theirs, Cafe Tuberosa).

Maya February 15, 2018

Mistral Patchouli and Vanille Insensee for me. Just about everyone I know has a few favorite Atelier Colognes. They are lovely spritz and go, easy to wear fragrances.

Robert H. February 15, 2018

ps.... somehow that final “?” showed up where I'd put a heart.LOL!

Robert H. February 15, 2018

I liked this one quite a bit, and love your "parched, crackled dried flower" take, immortelle is always one of the notes I'm at a loss to describe especially if someone asks "...but what does it smell like?" Now I can just say, "Well Porta said...." xoxo?

Sarah February 15, 2018

I hated this scent so much that I returned it to Sephora IMMEDIATELY. OMG! I bought it online having never smelled it. What a mistake! Glad you like it. But I think it's a scent you either love or hate. To me, it's absolutely AWFUL! I try not to buy nose blind any more but it still occasionally happens. Thanks for the review.