Neared 4 by Neared, South Korea

Hi there Posse! We were in South Korea earlier this year with two of our dearest girlfriends, Kerri & TinaG. We always stay in the Ibis Ambassador Seoul Insadong. It’s cheap and convenient for food, shopping, transport and historic artefacts. It also has a free bath house downstairs that Jin LOVES to spend half an hour in every day. The Insadong alleys have become a booming food and fashion playground in the last few years. Watching them go from derelict to deluxe has been really interesting. On my first visit in 2013 there were a couple of BarBQs and it was kind of scary. We still go to the original BarBQ, the staff know us and we always get an excellent seat. Anyway, and maybe I shared this moment before, we were wandering through the Insadon alleys one evening and stumbled across Neared. It’s a luxury goods resale store, much of it 1960/70/80s and leaning heavily to handbags and accessories. There is also a small but broad selection of interesting vintage designer clothes from jeans to gowns. I fell in love with the whole brand but today we are discussing Neared 4.

Neared 4 by Neared, South Korea

Neared 4 by Neared, South Korea

Sorry, I don’t have a note list, can’t find a site or the perfumes anywhere. Maybe they are only available in this one super cool store. I grabbed 2, 4 & 5 in the 10ml travels but they also come in 50 & 100ml bottles. I’m calling it Neared 4 so I remember. Aren’t they fab bottles and lids? I can imagine a signature perfume person having one of these standing alone on a bureau, dressing table or in the wardrobe. Seriously, I’m totally bummed not to have grabbed at least one 100ml bottle.

Neared 4 by Neared, South Korea

So how does Neared 4 smell?

Spicy like ginger with a vanilla rich amber playing heavily behind. There’s some kind of greenery, it’s sharp and a little bitter but also has a creamy greenness. Maybe a pine hit with some basil , rosemary and/or angelica. It’s unusual, like a cologne meets modern woodsy niche. Through the heart is a cool wind that holds a little salty grass, like the way some vetivers smell to me. Dry down is mainly vanilla woods with hints of dark greenery still.

Neared 4 smells so wearable and comfy. I’m wearing it around the house on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. Just a getting the chores done, and some blogging between, while Jin watches the footy on TV kinda day. Paris is on his bed in front of the TV snoring gently and running in his sleep. We have had Chinese reheats for lunch and the world seems particularly liveable. This is a perfect way to smell on a low key day.

Yeah, sorry all that you can’t get Neared 4 but does it sound good?
Portia xx



  • March says:

    Oh, that sounds fabulous! It’s so much fun to discover something like that tucked away like a secret! Sounds like a perfect day.

  • Dina C. says:

    That does sound good, Portia, and I love the deep red packaging. Since we’re heading into Fall that kind of scent sounds like just the right thing.

    • Portia says:

      Love it when the weather turns a bit cooler and the warm fragrances come out DinaC,
      I bet you’ve got some good ones lined cup to wear.
      Portia x

  • cinnamon says:

    Love your travel stories. This sounds calm and attractive, like a really good soft sweater that you always reach for.

  • Musette says:

    the bottles are glam (and I love the idea of one standalone on a dresser), the notes (for me)… eh…

    …but that day! THAT DAY! What a comfortable, lovely, gloriously low-key perfect Day. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Portia says:

      One of the great joys of going somewhere a few times is that the minutae gets a look see. I can see you loving the alleys.
      Portia xx

  • AnnieA says:

    Shopping envy!

  • alityke says:

    You had me at ginger with vanilla amber

  • Tom says:

    It sounds great and that store sounds wonderful!