Desert Nights by Who Is Elijah

Heya Posse! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this Aussie brand Who Is Elijah. They are selling worldwide and Desert Nights was their very first release. From the Oz site: “Raquel Bouris is the Founder & Creative Director of WHO IS ELIJAH, an independent fragrance house established in two-thousand & eighteen, built on cruelty free foundations & based in Sydney, Australia.” There are also UK and USA sites. They’ll give you a redirect if you click the above link.

If we are being honest here I will tell you that up till this point I’d steered clear of the brand because of hearsay. When talking to hard core perfumista friends they don’t find the brand edgy or boundary pushing enough.

Then last week they had an overorder mixup and were offering Aussies a 40% discount to clear extra stocks. So even though I’m paying off last years holidays, two new teeth, four years of tax arrears (it’s a whole freaking saga of its own) and a Celebrant Course! The discount, having discovery sets of 10ml ¬†travel sizes and free shipping. I was pushed far over the edge.

Though I never need to discuss my financial choices with Jin I wanted his advice. W sat and had a very little chat. HA! He confided that he never thought I could curtail my ridiculous spending habits as severely and completely as I have. Also that I definitely deserved a congratulatory spree. He was impressed that this would cost far less than even a 40ml bottle of the DIOR prive line. With that, I was off and online shopping faster than a speeding bullet. HA!

Desert Nights by Who Is Elijah 2018

Desert Nights by Who Is Elijah 2018

Who Is Elijah gives these featured accords:
Top: Saffron, jasmine flowers
Heart: Rose geranium, muguet
Base: Oud, patchouli, oriental musk

Desert Nights is built around the founders olfactory memories of going to Coachella. Though I’ve never wanted to go do an event like this, maybe if this is what it smells like I could be persuaded.

How does it smell? Saffron and a Band-Aid-ish oud open, it’s like a refined, daily wear version of super bad ass JHaG Midnight Oud. It’s fairly dark and there is a lot of earthy patchouli rolling in as we move on from the initial fireworks. I love that they have named rose geranium in the notes because I can definitely smell squashed geranium leaves as we head towards the heart.

It’s not till the heart that I get a breathy white floral streak. It’s really a backing player that lifts the fragrance. I also think there are some unnamed woodsy base blocks that are doing heavy lifting.

Desert Nights by Who Is Elijah 2018

While this is nothing astoundingly new I do like the way it’s done. There are a few unexpected lifts and turns. It is totally unisex, has excellent projection (without being a beast) and longevity is also good. The pricing is very affordable> Especially compared to most of the independent niche producers aspirational ridiculousness.

So yes, Desert Nights is another saffron/rose/oud/patchouli combo. My thought is that it’s a nicely balanced, wearable, easy going version of the trope. I’ve been wearing it to study and hang out with Jin and the dogs. Perfect fit, smells great but not overpowering. It could also be a banging event scent with heavier application.

Sound good to you?
Portia xx

  • Maya says:

    The saffron makes it a no for me…

  • Musette says:

    You and Jin are so fortunate to have each other’s back! And he has excellent taste in underwear, too! ūüėČ

    That saffron/rose/oud combo has never quite worked for me, try as I might. But I’ll bet you could glam the living hell out of this!


    • Portia says:

      HA! Jin is a REALLY GOOD underwear shopper Musette. I think it’s the one clothing thing he really loves above all else.
      Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    Damned site was marking me as spam again..

    This looks really interesting, but smelling like Coachella to me isn’t exactly a draw..

    • Portia says:

      HA HA HA HA HA HA! I’m not quite sure what a Coachella would smell like TBH. Some pretty cool people seem to love it though.
      Portia xx

  • March says:

    Well, that sounds nice! And it’s great that you and Jin can have these conversations and be supportive of each other. Sometimes I wish I had someone to rein me in; on the other hand, it’s kind of nice that I don’t! ūüėÄ

    • Portia says:

      HA! March, it’s the bliss and bain of relationships. Fortunately we are both on very loose reins in almost all ways of relationship.
      Thing is, I’m in a bit of a hole and working REALLY hard to climb out. This and a couple of unbelievably good value Sale Post items on FaceBook have been my only splurges since December holidays finished.
      Portia xx

  • cinnamon says:

    Hmmm, that opening sounds really good. Great notes list Plus, I like the company name. So, may well have a look.

    Jin definitely has your back:-)

  • alityke says:

    Do new perfume houses have to break boundaries & be edgy? Can’t they just do beautiful work & fill the hole left by mainstream when that sector decided to chase the dollar?
    Who is Elijah’s whole range sound wearable & their prices are less than many designer brands. Win/win surely?

    • Portia says:

      Hey Alityke,
      It just seems totally superfluous to be doing the same thing ad infinitum but as long as they bring some new twist or make something already available more beautiful/wearable/swoonworthy then I agree that there’s a place for it.
      Yes, they are affordable and so much better than they ever needed to be by comparison to many brands way more expensive.
      I love that they have excellent sampling and travel sizes.
      Portia xx