Fanfare by Thameen London 2023

Hey Posse. Remembering Cinnamon’s London Sniff Post I have saved an excellent addendum till now. While we were in Harrod’s sniffing and flirting shamelessly with the SAs we got talking to the Thameen London rep. His knowledge of the brand… Continue Reading

Singing on the Surface of the Sun

Posse!  Let’s talk about the heat!  Surface of the Sun-level heat.  I’m sitting here, in 96F temps.  I have not yet melted in a puddle of goo.  Of course, I’m not moving around much and I’m drinking copious amounts of… Continue Reading

A Secret Chord

I heard there was a Secret Chord that David played, and it pleased the Lord – Leonard Cohen I’m falling in love with Bill Evans. And Bill Evans is trying to kill me. A casual listener of Mr Evans in… Continue Reading

The Shapeshifter and a draw!

Amouage Memoir Woman Bath and Body Collection   The nicest thing about a Beginner’s Mind is that it is open.   Alas, most of us (well, me anyway) have to go through the various stages of Mindfulness before we can get… Continue Reading

Amouage Interlude Woman and Man Review

This review of Amouage Interlude is going to be all over the place because that’s just the way my mind works – and there’s so much to say and refer to.  So buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride!!  But… Continue Reading