Huitieme Art Poudre de Riz and more

My first thought was to do an Aquatic-Themed, post-Sandy post..then I realized that there is not one thing amusing, droll, twee….nunathat…about a bazillion gallons of sea and river water coursing into people’s lives.  I am just so grateful that all… Continue Reading

New York, The Clairmonde Perfume Project – and a Draw from MiN (and the Posse)

   SO Much Stuff To Talk About, I’m Going to Number Them All, Okay?  That way nobody misses anything (or if they do It’s NOT MY FAULT!) 1. Before I Reminisce,  Here’s a Fabulous Opportunity for those in (or coming… Continue Reading

What’s Going On

This is going to be a rambler because I’m feeling kinda rambly these days.   Not a whole lotta lotta going on these past few weeks – I am blessed to be living in a somewhat Uninteresting Time and am delighting… Continue Reading

L de Lolita Lempicka and a musing

by Hester   I knew L de Lolita Lempicka (not the Fleur de Corail version, the original) to contain vanilla and, vaguely, immortelle. After struggling mightily with my new mini’s stopper, I discovered to my delight a more wearable, cuddlier… Continue Reading

Stages of a Perfume Blogger (A Cautionary Tale)

  First quickly – Vero Profumo’s new Mito, coming in September.  Green, floral, Sous le Vent turns hippie, completely with flowers in hair, weird – you’ll love it!! Notes citrus, magnoli, jasmine, galbanum, hyacinth, cypress and moss. Rehashing last week’s… Continue Reading