Ginned Up

I love me some words.  And I love weird, arcane phrases* (these two interests often make me… um… unpopular [?] … amongst my less-wordy pals.)  ‘Ginned up’ came to mind, when I was taking part in Arielle Shoshana’s Happy Hour… Continue Reading

Arielle Shoshana, Matcha, and a Sweet Giveaway

I have exciting news from this past weekend’s Arielle Shoshana launch party for her second perfume, which is called Sunday. Let’s back up a bit.  Her first perfume (now renamed Saturday) was released a couple of years ago, before the… Continue Reading

Arielle Shoshana EdP

Good Day to our POSSE! I have a buddy. When I first started reading the scentbloggosphere I fell in with the amazing Arielle Shoshana. I loved her voice, her cat and her real love for fragrance and humanity. I would… Continue Reading