The Scarf Edition – and some makeup too

Y’all asked for it, so you got it. Scarf Porn!!!

As an added bonus, you can check out the Brazilian Blowout I got for my hair.  It is like spun silk and shines in ways I thought it couldn’t anymore.  I should have done some makeup or something for these pictures, but the hair has been slept on overnight, I just ran my fingers through it, never brushed it, and that’s how it looks – straight, shiny, silky, always perfect.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the BB.

I went over my bag limit on scarves, if I count both countries together, but I’m not.  I got one scarf at Fragonard in Grasse, then three in London.

The one at the left is a beautiful scarf I picked up at Liberty.

It’s a Monet print thing with perfect colors.  I wish it were longer, but it is cashmerey soft and perfect.

This is the scarf I picked up at Fragonard in Grasse on the right.  It’s a very soft, wintery scarf.  I couldn’t seem to get a great picture of the pattern, not that any of these photos are great. There’s only so much you can do taking a picture one-handed in the bathroom mirror with a flash and bathroom lighting.

On the left (below?) is the other scarf I bought at Liberty. Is a very long multi-colored cashmerey piece that is a dream to wear and tie.  It can be warm, but isn’t bulky. This will be the scaf that I’ll throw on every day when I’m not sure what else to wear.

For those of you wondering what the fuss is about scarves?  I’m a convert.  I used to be perplexed by the whole scarf thing until I got my first one, and I realized it transformed my plain standard black outfit into a completely different outfit with color and texture and movement.  They work much better in fall/winter/spring than summer, but with some nice mousseline/chiffon scarves, you can play with them year-round.

On the right is my baby, the preciouuussss, the killer, my Alexander McQueen.  I’m not, or thought I wasn’t, a big fan of the whole skull thing until I saw this scarf.  It is a chiffon scarf, airy, light, done in browns, and it is so freaking awesomely gorgeous.  I wear it around the house with my tiara on.  Everyone has a tiara, right?  I had to replace my last one, the cats knocked it down and the bulldog ate it. Not a pretty sight, mangled tiara.  Ew.

Same scarf below, with just a different lighting.

And that’s the scarf porn for today.  Couple of makeup finds in London. The Armani counter had their makeup artist around, and we needed a bit of a primp before dinner, and he talked us into a quick makeover.  I’m a hard sell on skin creams anymore. I’ve seen them all, paid a fortune for too many of them, and I now just try and find a good moderately priced cream that makes me happy and reserve the rest of my face cream spending for laser treatments.  He slaps some Crema Nera on my face, which has been out in the Southern France sun the last week and schlepping around London for four days, so it has has some ruddiness in it, and it disappeared.  That’s never happened. I’ve had creams calm down my face when it’s irritated by heat, but never just taken out all the red with a drop.  That went into my shopping bag.  As did the Crema Nera eye cream that he dabbed around my puffy “I’ve been sleeping too little, drinking too much, shopping way too much, eating bad, but delicious, food” and dark circled eyes, and they just started depuffing and the darkness lightened.  Now, he claims it would go away almost completely, and I don’t think that happened, but that it actually worked and made some impact was excellent news!  After a dab of the Face Fabric foundation, which is really marvelous and light, some gorgeous coral lipstick (57) and a dab of lip gloss he claimed would last for 2-3 hours (I should have bet him dinner and a bottle of wine, though it did last a good hour, which is a miracle on my lips), we looked pretty fab after an exhausting day of shopping at Harvey Nick’s.

We’ll cover the sunglasses shopping accident another day.

So let’s dish scarves. What is your favorite scarf ever – brand or particular scarf – the one you would cry your eyes out if you lost it or it got eaten by a bulldog.  I’m becoming a big fan of the Etro scarves, they have such gorgeous colors and interesting patterns.

  • Norman Doerr says:

    I’ve always loved the line “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” By Ralph Waldo Emerson. This opened up my eyes to the beauty of makeup and its creation.

  • Kate says:

    the McQueen is stunning!

    my latest favorite is a thick wool wrap from my Taliban friend in Pakistan. Heh. Not really. The scarf is a peacockish/teal blue with paisley like designs. I love it over a black coat.

    Thanks for scarf porn! You are quite a doll.

  • Sally says:

    well I have a few floral scarves, they are quite attractive. I’ve never quite stumbled across the ones on display here however I’m only young so not sure if they would suit me…

  • AnnieA says:

    I am a fan of 60’s Vera scarves. My favourite one had watercolour-like green and blue flowers; one day, being insufficiently knotted, it just floated off me…

  • Claudia says:

    I have a lot of scarves and my favorite place to look for them is in museum shops and/or catalogs. I’ve gotten a few in second-hand shops too. Also TJ Maxx, just recently. Scarves,gloves and jewelry are my favorite things to buy when on vacation too. Easy to pack.

  • Disteza says:

    My Etsy/Ebay habits led me to acquire a couple of scarves from the collection of an unnamed French actress who clearly knew her way around an elegant paisley: I’ve got two of the finest light wool square scarves with paisley designs, one in teal with hints of yellow, forest green and black, the other in a grey with lavendar, rust, and dark purple. I’ve got the long wool wrpper that I embroidered myself in all it’s saturated Indian candy-colored glory, and my fur scarves.
    But then there are the mantones. Since I do flamenco, I’ve acquired a couple of them at varying price points, including two giganticos for dancing that I can fold in half and use as a cloak. No kidding. I’ve got a few antiques that are too delicate for dancing, but not for dinner. They are all fantastically embroidered; while fabric/pattern are definitely considered, I’m really a sucker for well-executed embroidery!

  • LindaB says:

    The scarves-and you-are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing! Now I need more scarves!!!! I’m so addicted too. It’s bad. I agree in that once we get a good one and learn how it can change a whole look and make you feel that feeling, you are forever obsessed.
    Hard to choose but my favorite scarf is a simple HUGE black pashmina from Italy. It does everything. Well, not my dishes or laundry, but close enough! The other is so silly in that it is a masterpiece that I got on clearance–gorgeous navy blue chiffon (almost a midnight blue) studded with crystals. Damn, I wish I wore it today. It’s perfect and was waaaayyyy cheap!
    Totally lusting after your hair and those skin creams as well, but I must stick to budget for next month (lots of birthdays coming up).

  • mary says:

    Beautiful pix, Patty! I love the ethereal lighting–I have tried taking mirror pictures a few times, and get more of a bride of frankenstein vibe, rather than the romantic Bergman-esque look of your pictures. Beautiful scarves– the Fragonard looks just about perfect–cheerful and elegant at the same time. The others as well- As for scarves– I have never really gone for brand names. I have a soft, rose-colored, organic botanically dyed pashmina,which I ordered from the wonderful Isabella catalog– I have had it about 4 years, and look forward to wearing it in the fall. I have a hand-painted silk which was a precious gift more than 20 years ago, which is pretty outrageously colored. And, a rather large assortment of various colors of silk, linen, and craft sorts of things, like a couple of scarves sewn from vintage kimonos. Hmmm-it’s overcast– maybe I can get away with wearing a nice scarf today–Thanks for the fun post!! :)>-

  • Dina C says:

    I have several scarves that I’m fond of, but only one has a brand name: Alpert Nipon. It’s a red & black silk 40 inch square with a geometric scroll design on it. Looks great against a black coat. It was a gift from my brother back in my 20s. I’m also fond of a hand-loomed wool rectangular scarf that’s done in fuchsia, magenta, lavender and purple. It looks super with an aubergine gabardine trench coat I have. It was a gift from my parents at college graduation time. I think we bought it in Mystic, CT. Last year I bought a teal, black & white cotton scarf that’s about six feet long and 18 inches wide. It’s smocked every eight inches, so it has a great texture to it. And the teal matches the color of my eyes.

    I’ve never had a fancy high-end luxury scarf like Hermes, but I aspire to such a thing.;)

    • Musette says:

      I don’t think the ‘name’ means that much in scarves – there are some incredibly beautiful scarves out that are totally nameless! Like anything else, it’s how it looks and feels to YOU that gives it value. Catherine and I are discussing a piece of tussar silk that I swear prolly cost my mother (or her mother) about $1.59. If that. And one of my prized posessions is a 6′ long turquoise and green silk scarf given to me by the secretary of my First Big Client. It is totally nameless, was her mother’s and she had NO idea what to do with it – this was 25 years ago that I got it (it’s way older than that ) and I’ve worn it for lo, these past 25 years. It rivals any Hermes in terms of beauty and quality. And it sounds like your scarves do, too.

      And 😮 You have TEAL COLORED EYES?

      :-w I want teal-colored eyes.

      dang. Guess I’ll have to make do with a teal-colored face!

      xo >-)

      • Catherine says:

        I second Musette! Brand name doesn’t matter! Many of my favorites are from artisans. There’s a fabulous textile organization here in the Twin Cities, I love finding hand dyed ones in local fairs, and Hermès has *nothing* on my artisan ones chosen in India. (Indeed, I rolled my eyes at most of the Hermès India collection a few years back.)

        And yummy eye color!

        • Dina C says:

          Thanks, ladies, for the compliments and validation that brand names don’t matter when it comes to scarves. I spent an hour or so last year drooling over the pretty ones at the Hermes website. I loved some of their intricate patterns and color combinations. For me, color is always the first draw. Texture is second. Third would be pattern, I suppose.

          I ‘m also a big fan of luscious fabrics, Musette, so I envy the beautiful and inexpensive tussar silk pieces you speak of. We bought my mother several yards of Thai silk in aqua (her eye color) many years ago, and she sewed it into her mother-of-the-bride dress for our wedding. My wedding gown was silk shantung…glorious, medium weight, with wonderful body to it. Once I tried on dresses made out of that, I wanted nothing to do with the gowns made from synthetic fibers! So typical of me…Champagne taste on a ginger ale budget. :((

  • mals86 says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh…. sigh. BeautyFull scarves, P. I love the colors in the McQueen, especially.

    My favorite scarf is one that I received as a gift from a Thai man we hosted for an international fellowship study program – it’s Thai silk crepe de chine with a floral pattern that looks like marble tiles in cream, coral, golden yellow, jade green and dove gray.

    My other favorite scarf is a long skinny one my daughter crocheted for me in shades of blue and teal, in that eyelash yarn. Probably no longer fashionable, but I don’t care. It’s love to wrap around my neck.

  • Jen says:

    Ahhhh scarves. This was an awesome post and I am going to go troll eBay for scarves this afternoon while my babies nap.

  • Catherine says:

    I’ve been wearing scarves for over twenty years, and I am sure I have more of those, in number and in weight, than all other clothes items combined. Not only do they bring elegance to an outfit, they also help my temperature-challenged body deal with the world. I’m always taking layers on and off, and a big duputta-sized scarf is the best way to handle that. My most cherished scarves come from India. I spent a year there meeting with weavers and printers, and I came back with bundles of stuff. I have a large piece of woven raw tussar that’s been used nearly everyday for fifteen years and it still looks new. That’s my favorite. Plain raw tussar silk. My second favorite are by a French woman who lives in Amber, Rajasthan who revived Mughal-era printing on fine cotton: Brigitte Singh. I know they are available in Paris and London. The designs are a dream if you like Liberty’s and the like. My favorite is still my first scarf from her, a gift from when I interviewed her – a periwinkle poppy design on white. Third comes Hermès. My favorite is a red chiffon pocket scarf from a few years back: Amours by Annie Faivre. So light and airy. And the most perfect shade of red ever!

    • Musette says:

      I’m hijacking the hell out of this post but we’re talking scarves! Next to handbags, they (and gloves) are my favorite things and I have boxes of them.

      Like you, Catherine, I have a large piece of raw tussar silk – vaguely champagne in color – and I use it as a scarf or wrap – and it’s older than I am (it was my mother’s) and wears like iron.

      I do not own a single Hermes scarf, which is weird (I only started hating them at Chicocoa and I don’t hate their stuff, only some of the wackadoo staff)….but I’ve never been able to embrace their scarves, even back when I could easily afford one.

      Sometimes I exult in finding a gorgeous piece of fabric, getting a scarf-length, and having my seamstress do it up!

      xo >-)

      • Catherine says:

        I have a super long dress of burnt silk velvet I’ve kept *only* to cut into a duputta!! Maybe I need the name and address of your seamstress!!

        Raw tussar. There is nothing like it. I don’t doubt you have a piece from before you are born that’s still fantastic. I think mine will last for decades more. I even use it for picnics or like a beach towel, it’s that indestructible. I also have a piece of far more fragile tussar silk. It’s also a duputta from Bihar, but this one is gossamer in weight and weave. Its yarns are dyed olive, taupe, and brown, with the champagne gold color of the raw silk used as a highlight. This one I’ve ripped over time in one place, and it just wants to rip clear off along that stripe. I need to fix it somehow. :-?

        Hermès scarves…. I love mine, but I love the old ones far more. The silk of the new ones don’t seem as nice, and with prices that high…. Maybe it’s the sizing, I don’t know. But the ones from the 80s and 90s (ebay!!) are so soft and perfectly colored, I wear them all the time. (Of course, I wash them regularly, so maybe that’s why they are soft, but the newer ones don’t wash as nice….) I’m really into pocket squares right now; they’re the perfect size for tying back my hair. I’m going to hit a few boutiques on our midwest/northeast road trip and see what pops up.

  • karin says:

    Wow!!! Beautiful scarves, Patty! I still don’t “get” the scarf thing. Now I’m intrigued. I know the Parisians have quite the gift for it. Me – I have no clue how to wear the things. And I’m 1/4 Parisian (my dad) – you’d think I’d have it in my genes somewhere! Perhaps the 1/2 Norwegian cancels it out!?

    I do, however, have one amazing winter scarf (fine wool weave)…by Etro. Found it in a Filene’s Basement store years ago for around $100. It’s the most incredibly beautiful piece of fabric I own. Gorgeous. Guess I don’t care much for shiny silk, but that matte wool, with all the colors and patterns in the weave. Wow.

    • Patty says:

      I keep picking up tips for how to wear them. Lisa showed me a couple of ways that I hadn’t tried before. I think they need to put on scarf-tieing clinics. I’d pay to go to one. I think once you have a couple of good ways to tie that works and looks good, you get a scarf confidence and wear them more often, which leads to more scarves, a couple of new ways to wear them, and then more scarves. Well.

      Etro scarves are so beautiful! I envy you yours, it sounds just gorgeous and a steal!

  • SilviaFunkly says:

    I am also having a thing for Armani make up at the mom: that Face Fabric melts into the skin like silk, Eyes to Kill mascara keeps the lashes long and separated, the blush/contouring duo literally transformed my friend, and the lip gloss did last for hours. And now Hope comes in the shape of Crema Nera eyes. Must try it.

    Fortunately I have not developed a proper scarf fetish yet, although I love yours and often find myself drooling over Liberty’s offerings, what a great range.

    My favourite scarf is an Irish handmade felt-like one, cornflower blue with rainbow appliques and tassels. I bought it years ago from a craft market and I would be devastated if something happened to it. It’s something of time past, woolly but not too soft.

    • Patty says:

      That Face Fabric is unbelievable. I hadn’t been wearing foundation for months, but I’ll wear this, it’s just transparent on my face. Now I need to look at that blush/contouring duo. Dammit!

      Try the eye thing, it really is a great eye cream. Way too pricy, but it’s one of the few that I’ve ever felt did anything more than moisturize the area temporarily. I’m sure it’s only doing that, but it does it reallly nicely. 🙂

      Liberty’s scarf department is evil. That’s the entrance I alwas go in, and I’m just lost there!

    • carter says:

      Their eyeshadows are to die, too. Also the sheer lippies.

  • Louise says:

    Stunning! And the scarves aren’t bad, either : )

    Crema Nera was a near-miss for me. I had a mini, loved it until I got some major breakouts-so no-no for me.

    I’m a huge scarf fan, been wearing them since I was a college kid in France. My favorite, though, was a gift from an artist friend of my mom-it is a silk print that recalls those lovely marbled Italian papers. I’ve had it for some 40 years, don’t wear it often, cherish it dearly for it’s beauty and all the associations.

    • Patty says:

      Shame on the breakout. I’m glad mine is behaving, though I’m just using the serum. The actual cream seems heavy? At least the eye cream is heavy, which is good for that area.

      I know you and the scarf thing. I almost put this in a Blame Louise category, except I don’t think you were exactly responsible for the scarf thing. I think maybe March was.

      • Louise says:

        Let’s Blame March ; )

        I thought the Crema was great; I Blame my Zits on the Fail.

  • Fiordiligi says:

    The scarves look great Patty, as do you, but of course I saw them (and you) in “real life” last week.

    I have dozens of Hermes scarves of which I am inordinately fond. I love the screamingly brightly-coloured ones. I also have lots of linen and/or cotton ones for summer but I get so hot I have to choose the days on which I can wear them. My favourite label is Epice which Liberty’s and Fenwick both sell.

    How could I forget, too, my Guerlain scarf, navy and gold, with pictures of perfume bottles all over it? I am certain it was made by Hermes as the weight and quality of silk are exactly the same (and it was the same price).

    Now this semi-permanent blow-dry: I’ve been discussing it with my hairdresser as my hair is so fine and fluffy but I am just a bit concerned it will make it too “flat.” I think I will try it though as there is nothing to lose. In the meantime I’ve bought a fab Helen Kaminski straw hat into which my hair can be stuffed in case of dire emergency!

    • Patty says:

      I love my Hermes scarves too, though I’m pretty annoyed at the price of them, so I’ve been not buying any for a while. I think at least one of the Liberty scarves is an Epice. it is a gorgeous brand.

      Okay, on the BB, I think it will be great with your hair. the nice thing is, it grows out. My stylist did mine with a redirect on the top. Because my hair is so thick and heavy, it tends to be flat at the roots. She applies the product differently on top and irons it in in another direction, which gives it some lift. You can still curl or otherwise style your hair if you want it to do something else, but it will make it better and stronger and reflective. I want pictures if you do it!!!

  • Pimpinett says:

    The Alexander McQueen is beyond gorgeous. I would google them to have a closer look if I didn’t fear the resulting heartache.

    I love those old-fashioned men’s scarves in silk and wool, with discreet, dotted patterns on them. My favourite is a bronze vintage silk, patterned with tiny, geometric flowers in cream and warm blue, and lined with wool. It is gorgeous and I would be heartbroken if I lost it.

    I find heavier, oblong scarves much easier to wear than large, flowy square ones, which I tend to wear either on my head or tightly rolled on the diagonal and tied with a four-in-hand knot.

    • Patty says:

      yeah, don’t google. It’s more gorgeous in person, seriously. The length is perfect, lots of length, diaphanous, and I really do just put it on and run ’round in it because I feel more beautiful with it on. Isn’t that weird?

      I have to share my new earrings too. One of the Sniffa attendees is a jeweler, and one of the highlights of the international Sniffa is seeing Sarah and her collection for the year and picking out some beautiful pieces. I snagged a pair of pearl dusters that make the scarf and the earrings look more amazing. I’ll get pictures of that later.

      Okay, how do you do the head thing? I never can seem to quite get that right. Now that my hair is behaving, I’m going to grow it longer, which will make the scarves in the hair work better, but I need hair scarf tying tips!!!

    • Musette says:

      Oooh, I think I am in LUST with that bronze scarf! I, too, love men’s vintage scarves (in fact, the Armani I described above is a man’s scarf). The dimensions and weight, imo, help them stay in the position I’m most comfortable wearing, which is lightly tucked inside a cashmere or camel coat in autumn.

      May I come home now?

      xo >-)

  • vinery says:

    Love that hair–I am considering getting this done, but am told you mustn’t wash it often. As I exercise daily (and you have mentioned before that you do, too), how do you cope with sweaty hair?

    Oh, scarves. My favorite scarf is a vintage Dior silk in black with an intricate red, white and green floral design (I’ve had it since before it became vintage!)

    • Patty says:

      You know, she said to treat my hair per normal, so I wash it just like I did before. I do use the acai shampoo and leave-in treatment that they have, which keep depositing more product in the hair, supposedly to help it last longer. Washing your hair doesn’t hurt the BB, but I guess more frequent washing could make it last shorter than 3 months? I don’t know, I’ve had mine for three weeks, and I wash my hair every day or every other day because of the sweaty yoga, and it’s fine. I’d say do it and wash away and don’t worry about it. what you will love is that drying your hair is as simple as blow drying it with your fingers and then that’s it, you’re done. Maybe a spritz of hair spray for hold. You don’t think about it again until the next time you wash.

  • Melissa says:

    Great scarves, but I have to comment on your hair, which looks beautiful. I’ve had the Brazilian Keratin treatment done three times now, so I know exactly how great it is. It’s so nice to run your hand through your own hair and it feels silky, untangled, soft etc. And you really do look all glow-y and gorgeous!

    • Patty says:

      Oh, I heard you had it done too. I wasn’t sure it would be worth the expense since my hair is straight anyway and not horribly unruly, it’s just lost its shine and tends to dry big if I don’t tame it. Being able to finger blow dry and nothing else is worth the ridiculous expense. i’ll be doing it regularly. how often do you do yours, every 3 months or sooner? They tell me I’ll know when it’s time.

      and thanks! I’m not sure why those pictures turned out that way, I really don’t feel very glow-y or gorgeous. 🙂

  • Olivia says:

    Wow, such beautiful scarves!! :-) Thank you for sharing! They look like they must be super-soft, and full of flowy movement :-)

    I love scarves too, and while I’d like to say that I’d cry if I lost one of the ones I knit myself, I think at the moment I’d be most heartbroken to lose a scarf I just bought at an antique shop. It’s a smallish silk square scarf. It has a wide red border, and the center of the square is white with a repeated pattern of a kind of squiggly black-lined shape… Not a great description, but it’s in almost perfect shape, and I found it while browsing with a lover I was visiting just last week. So the memories really make the scarf a favorite now :-) Thanks for the opportunity to share the scarf-love!! :-D

    • Patty says:

      Oh, they are! I love my scarves, and I only indulge maybe 1-2 times a year, otherwise I’d have a closest full of scarves and nothing else. I can’t indulge in shoes because my feet are picky, so scarves are it for me. I need to figure out a good tie for my hair with scarves. I can’t quite seem to get that right. And in the hair is perfect for the smaller scarves.

      oh, your scarf sounds gorgeous! We should have a scarf fan page on facebook where we can all upload our favorite scarf pics. Does such a thing exist?

      • Olivia says:

        (A little late here, but still! …)

        You’re so right about scarves in the hair – with the smaller square ones I tend to just turn them into a headband-style thing by doing a quick series of folds and then tying the scarf ends in a (not-too-tight) knot at the nape of my neck.

        Now that you mention it, I do wonder if there’s a good page for this kind of thing on facebook. I did a really quick search for some sort of facebook group/fan page and couldn’t find anything very promising… If I search again and find nothing good, perhaps if someone doesn’t beat me to it, after I’ve finished my summer course work, I’ll figure out something, because facebook definitely needs a page like that! :-) Oh scarves *sigh* :-) If I find a scarf-love group/page or create one, I’ll be sure to post a follow-up comment!

  • Tamara*J says:

    Your pics are the very best part about this post.<3
    Your beaming!

    Gotta love it.

    • Patty says:

      Beaming? I never thought I was a beaming person. 🙂 But thank you! I swear, I just snap these pictures so I can show you stuff and think later that I might have taken a little bit of effort with doing some makeup or hair or whatever. Thank goodness the BB has taken all the effort needed out of my hair.

  • carter says:

    My favorite scarf is a vintage Pierre Balmain silk twill depicting a woman in profile (actually sort of looking back over her shoulder) along the far left side of the scarf. She is is dressed in a black long-sleeved top and slacks (sort of like the outfit that Audrey Hepburn wore in the jazz club in Funny Face) and on her head is this incredible feathered hat with enormous plumes that cascade from the top of her head to the floor and basically cover three-quarters of the entire 34″ square. It’s on a cream base and all of the slashes of the feathers are in greys, taupes, and black. Hand drawn by Balmain and so amazing!

    My other four faves are also vintage silk twills by Yves St. Laurent of the four seasons, again, all hand drawn by the designer himself. Each one is in a different palate and the images evoke the season he is interpreting.

    All five scarves could easily be framed and hung on the wall and IMHO are absolutely exquisite works of art.

    • carter says:

      Damn! “Palette.”

    • Patty says:

      you have just killed me with the description of those scarves. I did not need that much scarf lust this morning. 🙂

      BTW, in NYC in October with my sister and niece, will e-mail you details later if you’re up for even a brief visit then!

      • carter says:

        Oh, I’d love it! I may be hopping up and down on one foot when I see you, but I’ll definitely be hopping! Wanted to also add that everyone is right; the only thing lovelier than those scarves is YOU.

  • tmp00 says:

    which Cream Nera? I saw a couple at the Saks website..

    • Patty says:

      Okay, it is the obsidian mineral restoring serum for the face, and it looks like I got a bargain! It was 100 pounds, which was like 150, but I see on their site it’s $250! Get someone to snag it for you in London! The eye one is the obsidian mineral reviving eye cream. The nicest thing about the ARmani people is they’ll make you up a sample on the spot, at least they did it at Harvey Nicks, so I can send my sister samples to try to see if it works for her.

      Now I’m thinking I need the regenerating cream and cleanser, too? No, i’ll wait until Barneys or BG has some $25 off special

  • Musette says:

    You know, I always forget just how lovely you are! Until I see you looking all lovely and happy and healthy and all that! Like in these photos – and the hair is a bonus – it’s more the relaxed look on your face!!! That Crema Nera sounds like Giorgio is gonna be able to buy yet another island, the weasel.

    I’m a huge fan of silk twill scarves and own a bazillion of them. I love the look of a scarf tucked into the neckline of a coat, especially in autumn (let’s face it, it’s a necessity in winter). My favorite scarf is this woven taupe/black Armani that I’ve had since the Jurassic Era – one side is striped the other is dotted (the stripe fabric pulled through). Understated and perfect.

    My fun-silly scarf is an orange and lime-green Jane Jetson pashmina that I wear with autumn coats. It’s gorgeously goofyfied.

    of all of yours up above, I think I’m lusting for the Fragonard – it’s bombalicious!

    xoxoxo >-)

    • Patty says:

      Oh, stop! you know, I am incredibly happy, and I think that probablly is the biggest difference on my face. Though I’m giving some credit to those Armani creams, which i NEVER do. i was toying around with doing my lower bleph this year or next, but if that cream keeps helping, I can probably put it off for another few years. You can actually see in the pictures the difference. Weird, huh?

      The Fragonard is one I’ll wear nonstop this winter, probably about at the same rate I wear my cashmere huge Hermes one.

      I can’t wait to visit that purse you’re lusting after!

    • MJ says:

      Ditto – you look fab! Great skin, lovely features – these are great pics!

      And that skull scarf just changed my view of skull scarves. Oh no. Another lemming….