Top 10 Best Perfumes of Summer

Summer. SummersummersummerYou know what’s weird about summer?  It’s a horse of a totally different color, depending upon where you are and who you are (or used to be).  I spent the last 50o years of my life in an Urban environment and my summer fragrances reflected that.  When I think about Agraria Bitter Orange I think of this restaurant on Irving Place in NYC – I only went there in the summer and always sat outside for brunch …..and my beloved Cartier Brillante is definitely meant for hot pavement, a linen sheath and a cold vodka tonic.  I had no idea it would not translate to rolling cornfields and draft horses (who HATE that scent, btw – it

Top 10 Best Perfumes of Summer

makes them sneeze, the prima donnas)….so I  had to rethink summer to please my Percherons  (besides, March wouldn’t let me yark on about my regular faves anymore.  She is SO bossy!).  The more I thought about it, though, the more it makes sense – summer in the  Urbs is way different from summer in the country  – out here Summer isn’t something to be wrestle

d with – it just is.  And out here you’re not trying to squeeze your swollen feet into those Manolo sandals and I certainly cannot wear that crisp white linen sheath with ste

Here are our two scents for Top 10 Best Perfumes of Summer.
What are yours?? (unlike us, you are not limited to 2 each – whale away!)
el-toe boots, corn dust and horse snot and…well, it’s just different.  Take  my displaced word for it.   Not better, not worse – just different.  So the two I’ve chosen reflect my new life amongst the cows and the corn.

Based on the epic Country FAIL of Brillante and my regular standbys I caved to March’s demand that  I TRY SOMETHING NEW .

Here’s new.  And Weird.   TributeAttar for the Hog Roast at the nursing home – beautiful app but I noticed it was seriously ‘ashy’ on the drydown – very offputting to the average smeller out here in the sticks, though I  was smitten – like dried rose petals thrown on a coal fire.   Anyway, I knew that wouldn’t work at the Hog Roast so I took a chance and layered it with

Rosine’s Poussiere de Rosine – since it’s got that dusty-musty smell itself, it worked beautifully.  Very oily/dusty/rosy, heady as a bottle of jammy Cabernet.

March, this would peel the skin off your nose.  Imagine ‘rose slurry’.    Bwahahahahaha!

Oddly, this was a hit with young and old alike.  The Rosine diluted Tribute’s scary elegance (and c’mon – do I really want ‘elegant’ at a Hog Roast?) And the ashy  dryness in both the Tribute and the PdR is a nice complement to the humidity.  My huge, fussy Percherons like it, too!  This might be a little ‘close’ in the City but it works really well in a slurry blender feed screw – the dusty rose and dusty corn, ya know?

But it was nothing compared to this next one:

There are perfumes that are born great….and then there are perfumes that have greatness thrust upon them.  Still adhering to March’s edict, I decided to try something I  originally dissed because I found it at a flea market for a dime:  Coty Sand and Sable (two bottles:  20 cents.  Booo-yah!)  It’s not my idea of fabulous – there isn’t an elegant note in the whole thing – but again, not everything has to be elegant – and this is  Summer in a bottle, glistening sun-baked skin, hot sand, station wagons, transistor radios – the whole shebang.  Summer 1961.  We all have a crush on the 8th grader down the street, we ride our bikes to the local pool and mom is in pedal-pushers,  puffin’ on a Chesterfield.   Spritz it and everyone within 2 blocks will be on you  like a duck on a junebug.   19 year old Breck Girl and the world is your oyster.      The musky base sort of ooked up my lunch but that’s okay.  I had Brian Wilson warbling  in my poitrine –  I could hardly be petty about that little musky bit, could I?   I’ll let you know what my big boys think.

March: Hee on the Sand & Sable, Anita!  Nope, nothing elegant in there at all, and you wouldn’t want to spill the bottle in your car, but to me it smells like my misspent youth of the late 1970s — summer at the beach, with notes of tropical oil, cotton candy, and climbing into the backseat of some boy’s Camaro, so we could … discuss Proust.

It’s been a gazillion degrees here for much of the summer — we’re in the middle of another 98-degree heatwave and I’m making gazpacho.   I’m still very much enjoying fiddling with all the Tigerflag attars, although the Majmua’s the one I’ve been wearing, with its moist notes of earth and flowers.  I realized, though, that I’ve been missing the beeswax-y smell of the beeswax base that Marla built it into before she sent it to me, and I haven’t gotten around to trying to make my own beeswax base, so I looked around on my shelves for something beeswaxy and came up with … Serge Lutens’ death-eater honey, Miel de Bois, which is something I also love wearing in this heat.   You can see where this is headed, right?  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?  So I mixed up a small vial containing mostly jojoba oil, a few drops of majmua, and a few drops of MdB, at which point the foundations of the house rumbled — oh, wait, that was only the earthquake.  Anyway, I dabbed it on (I’m talking a dab), went downstairs, and I was still fifteen feet down the hall from my daughter when she asked what perfume I was wearing.  Too much sillage?   She demanded a closer sniff and said, it smells like six things at the same time!  It keeps changing!  That’s so cool! She’s the kid who likes that uber-musky honey thing that MAC did, though, so YMMV.  I admit that just putting MdB on often feels like I’ve committed a crime, albeit a misdemeanor.  Layering it is probably a more serious offense.  Today I might throw in some Nuit de Tubereuse on top.  Do you think my nose will fall off?

Lee: Glad to see both March and Anita know how to wave their freak flags just the right amount to stay cool. My stay cool on the ladyboy side scent is – well, it’s either Nicolai’s Eau Exotique which is fruity and a little floral and elegantly simple, or Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan which gets more refreshing oolong and petals every time I wear it. Other times, the temps have dropped here a little so I no longer cling to salty for electrolytic rebalancing. Instead, it’s Timbuktu all the way. That sour flowerpower patchouli incense mashup is perfect right now. And anyways, no perfume can compete with the goddamn amazing regal lilies and heliotrope and jasmine in the garden as I type. I’m heading back out there.

Nava: Ok, since Anita’s busy “yarking” about horses and wearing attars in the height of summer and March insists on dragging out Miel de Bois in July (oy, a thousand times!), I’m sitting next to Lee and his Osmanthe Yunnan. Personally, I prefer Parfum d’ Empire’s Osmanthus Interdite, but Osmanthe Yunnan is always first runner-up in my book. I won’t repeat the three I mentioned on Friday, but the other I’d like to add is Givenchy’s new Eaudemoiselle. I tried like hell not to buy a bottle of it, but I succumbed. It’s a bit heavy right now, but inside with the a/c crankin’, it’s goooood.

Patty: I’m a little horrified at the Sand & Sables, except it is pretty great for something that people will hand to you in vats on the street.  A little like J. Lo’s Glow, perfect for summertime.  My summer faves are a couple of things I ran into while I was gone, like the Nasomatto Nuda – the perfect big-ass white floral skanky jasmine scent.  It opens as poopy jasmine (Nancy taught us this term while in Grasse), then slowly settles down into the more honeysuckle jasmine that you can wear for a much  longer period of time.  I could happily wear this the rest of summer.  I’d just intersperse it with the Micallef Shanaan – the perfect breathy incense – and Byredo Tulipe (yes, yes, I’m still ridiculously in love with it) and L’Artisan Nuit de Tuberose.  Wait, I’m over two, but those last three count as one!

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  • Good points I appriciate your post. I really like the look of your website excellent job!

  • Caroline says:

    Musette, I’ve learned to make pasta. Email me and I’ll send you some.

    In the meantime, I’ve allowed myself to stew over my Top 10 picks, so I’ll take this opportunity to wax prolific while I pour another glass of iced tea.

    10. Jean Naté. It transports me instantly to pre-school and summers in the South, and crawling into a cool bed after a bath and the obligatory compliment from my father on my freshly-washed hair.
    9. Acqua di Gio. Not the Acqua-Fresca-Shasta We-Messed-With-the-Formula-Ha-Ha-On-You Gio, but the original one launched in the early ’90s.
    8. I had an orange Bonne Bell Lip Smacker when I was 12. Comptoir du Sud-Pacifique’s Orange Bonne Bell Lip Smacker smells exactly like the real McCoy: fake orange-y, beachy, waxy, seventh-grade-in-a-tube, but for grown-ups. No, I don’t remember the name of the fragrance, but you know what I’m talking about.
    7. Shalimar on a warm summer night. Guaranteed to get a girl laid if she’s not consumed by mosquitoes first.
    6. Eau Dynamisante. Splish-splash, and splash some more on your lunchbreak.
    5. Chanel 19. Man, this is an icy scent in some respects; it’s like the aggressive woman in a tight business suit and stilettos who has to deal with the Good Ole Boy Club every day. Haute chic in hot weather. Mind the fangs.
    4. Shi. The feminine counterpart to the butchness of Chanel 19. It’s what the businesswoman wears after she takes off the tight business suit and stilettos.
    3. Light Blue. Come on, admit it: you love it.
    2. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Summer Hill. It’s a picnic in Tuscany in July, in a bottle.
    1. Eau de Guerlain. The all-purpose, always-appropriate, damn-it’s-hot cool-me-down. I’ll have a white sangria, please.


  • Joe says:

    Uh. MIEL DE BOIS in insane July heat and humidity????? What the….??????

    After my initial reaction, I’m actually a little sad that I didn’t think of bringing a vial with me to New Jersey last week so I could bust it out in that tropical steambath. Muwaaahahahahaha! >:) Sounds like exactly the kind of diabolical experiment I’d be totally game for.

    As for my picks, I mentioned a few over at NST, but a couple more are Eau de Campagne and CBIHP Memory of Kindness. I love tomato leaf. One of the things I miss most about tropical New Jersey is growing tomatoes and getting to enjoy that wonderful smell and those luscious, softball sized ripe fruits. Waah.

    A bit less likely: Amouage Ubar. I sat sunbathing in a lawn chair in it last summer in a heatwave, and let me tell you, it’s an unforgettable experience having that thing bloom on a 90-degree day.

    Love these lists. Hugs to all of you.

    • Joe says:

      I’m sad. I keep trying to use the emoticons even though I know theys iz broken. Such a tease.

      • March says:

        Hey, Joe …. (ack, now I have that song stuck in my head.) The emoticons seem to work, I think, only if we’re logged in as users? Suckage. Which is why they work for Anita, Nava, etc. Strange but apparently true. Our web-fixer-dude says WordPress had a major attack on it awhile back and they’re still trying to fix bugs. I’m so sorry.

  • Denise says:

    I just wanted to say, how much I’ve been looking forward to reading you guys’ Summer Top Ten, even though summer only visits us briefly in San Francisco (and in late August/September, at that). I put on Nuit de Tubereuse and Amaranthine and pretend.

    • Denise says:

      Goodness, avatar? I don’t recall setting that! How do I pick one?

      • Lee says:

        You are LobOctoCycloBrain!

        • Musette says:

          And you, my darlink, are the Dalek from Hell! With an…overbite? Can Daleks even have overbites?

          xoxo >-)

          ps. Denise – go to the Gravatar link below – if you have a few minutes and some patience you can change it. Or you can stick a pencil in your eye (it took me several tries but I’m kinda dumb about this stuff sometimes). Had I not gotten it on the third try I think I would’ve gone with the pencil. But my avatar was muddy brown and bo-ring. Yours is kinda cool!

  • karin says:

    OK, I feel like I’ve reiterated this over and over across the blogs – which scents am I wearing this summer? I’m beginning to bore myself by naming the same handful of scents (Eau de Sisley #3, Mandragore, Cologne a la Francaise, Chanel No 19 EDT, Nuit de Tubereuse) again and again! It’s been hot and humid here in Maine as well – actually a decent summer! I’ve drifted towards traditional “summer” scents, but after reading so many of these top ten and best of summer lists, and boring myself with my same ol’ same ol’ list, I’m inspired to start breaking out some not-so-summer scents and see how they fare. Always a risky endeavor, though, cause what if they’re suffocating and HUGE!? I’m scared.

    • Musette says:

      Sweetie –

      That is why Floyd invented showers. Believe me, I have jumped in several times, earlier than planned, because of a suffocating mishap!

      In lieu of a shower, there are always Wet-Wipes. Keep them with you always. They Are Your Friend In Need. Indeed.

      xo >-)

  • ScentRed says:

    OK, so I tried to be like the cool kids and experiment with heady and exotic scents in hot weather and well, I it didn’t work out so well. (I couldn’t tolerate pot either, so nothing’s changed since my teen years.) I threw caution to the wind and gave an ample spritzing of Chaos on the weekend and just about choked. And I really love Chaos in the winter. But in the heat and humidity it was, well, Complete Chaos.

    Here’s my list of somewhat predictable go-to scents that have never failed to freshen me up and bring a smile to my face this summer:

    Bigarade Concentree
    Nuit de Tuberuese
    TDC Bois D’Iris
    Eau de Cartier
    AG Eau de Sud
    Etro Shaal Nur at bedtime

    • Musette says:

      Great list! Our temps just dropped about 20 degrees (incoming storm) and the Carnal Flower I’m wearing is morphing with the temp shift – very interesting. I think the whole heady/exotic thing is definitely a personal choice as well as a work-in-progress. Chaos is a Big Step and it scared me just reading that – I started with Fracas, which is an easy one.

      Meantime, enjoy that list! I’m a BC fangirl (of sorts) myself

      xo >-)

  • Fiordiligi says:

    Love the evocative post and everyone’s little add-ons!

    What can I say, I’m another city girl and won’t be parted from my city girl scents (even though we’ve had some hot weather here of late, including today).

    I’m currently going through a phase of wearing all my exceptionally rare and beautiful ancient Guerlains (Fol Arome today); my only very slight concession to the heat has been to wear Mitsouko but in the Fleur de Lotus version, and Shalimar in the Eau Legere incarnation.

    A beautiful perfume remains wonderful whatever the climate, I think, and Shalimar is as wonderful with a casual sundress as with the most dressy of outfits. Do you think it would frighten the horses?!

    • Musette says:

      Most drafts, especially those that are hitch-skilled, are pretty relaxed (for a horse)…but they are funny about scent. I think they would love Shalimar because of the vanilla. They don’t like sharpish scents – at least not on me. I was wearing Arpege when one of my boys tried to bite me – still not sure if it was the Arpege, me or if he was just having a moment. But I won’t be wearing Arpege again – see, that’s def a City scent, in my opinion.

      They do not like Mitsouko. I consider that a serious failing on their part. Mitsouko goes anywhere (other than the barns) – I wear it to the nursing home when I need some backup.

      xo >-)

      • carter says:

        Do you own these gorgeous creatures?

        • Musette says:

          No. Not yet. I passed on my first foal last year and, to be honest, I’m relieved. I’m missing the $$$ quarter-mil just to start, plus we don’t have the acreage (that would be a FARM – and…well, that kinda scares me. It’s so Not Urban).

          I hitch for a couple of outfits, when I can. And I am learning to drive a 4-hitch this autumn. Scary, exhilarating stuff and totally bizarre for a Bombay-lovin’, Manolo-wearin’ gal like me.

          xoxo >-)

    • mary says:

      So nice to hear about your connection with horses. Interesting that they do not like Mitsouko. Afew weeks ago at family camp, I was playing with samples, and dabbed on my sample of Costamor Dulcess one afternoon. A mare from the trail ride string did sort of a double take, walked over to me, put her nose against my arm and whoofed a little. Perhaps horses like sugary sweet fragrances:)>-

  • Victoria says:

    I recently had to smell the entire Rosine line, and Poussiere de Rosine was the one that I liked the most. Funny, because when I first discovered Rosine it was my least favorite. Now, I love its dusty, dark, and yet somehow gentle character. It is quite unusual.

    • Musette says:

      Same here. My ab fab is Rose d’Ete, which is way greener but for sheer interest (slow to get to), PdR is tops in that line for me.

      xo >-)

      • mals86 says:

        Awww… Rose d’Ete is my favorite PdR too, with Poussiere second (honestly, I love Dolce Vita better, but Poussiere is like DV with rose).

  • Ruanne says:

    Anita, I read the words “Breck girl,” and I can almost smell the shampoo. Here’s what I wish I still smelled like in the summertime: Breck, Yardley Olde English Lavender Soap, a hint of Love’s Baby Soft, and straight baby oil for maximum tanning.

    Here’s what I actually smell like here in the D.C. suburbs & the Blue Ridge countryside: Incense Rose. It’s been my armor in the city and my joy in the country. There’s something that makes me feel it’s the opposite of all I don’t want to smell.

    • Musette says:

      Ruanne – you are channeling my olfactory late teens, there, though I preferred Herbal Essence shampoo (which cut the powdery ookiness of Heaven Sent (I think it had a bit ‘more’ heft than LBS and lord knows me and mine just stood in front of the sprayer until we were soaked! Oh, for those days again – before the knowledge of basal-cell carcinoma and the onset of creaking knees….

      Funny how roses are popping up all over this thread. Prior to my intro into attars, via Tribute, I don’t know that I would’ve even considered rose as a summer option but…..I’mo have to try IR!!

      xo >-)

      • carter says:

        Oh, roses are fantastic in the summer, especially at night! Like creamy tropicals, they warm up on the skin and bloom. When I think of Morocco and Saudi Arabia, I immediately think of roses. I love Homage Attar, Rose de Nuit and Ta’if on hot summer nights when they really come into their own.

        • Musette says:


          I’m now going to be officially on March’s Pooperliciouslist be-cuuuuuz I now have a deep desire to try those last two (I’m relatively new to rose as the dominant note. The two Rosines were my first heavy-dute foray into Rose).

          So when I go all @};-@};-@};-……well, I’m just sayin’

          xoxoxo >-)

  • Kathleen says:

    Like March, I am enjoying, Miele de Bois, in the heat. I layer it over Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey body creme. On a hot, muggy, night, nothing is more lush & beautiful than Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia. I get a good 5-6 hours, of beauty, out of it, before it turns into something that smells as if someone licked morning breath, up and down my arms.

    Anyone try SL’s new Bas de Soie, yet? I’ve just received a decant of it, and on first sniff, it’s quite nice. Reminiscent of AG L’Heure Exquise. After that, something weird kicks in, and completely ruins it for me. I don’t know what that “catch in the back of the throat” note is, but, it renders the scent unwearable.

    • Masha says:

      I visited the opulently purple SL boutique thinking about a bottle of Fourreau Noir, and walked out with a bottle of Bas de Soie, it’s fantastic! Cool, green, and mean, but with some hidden sweetness and a lot of light and delicacy. Love at first sniff. (I was a Cristalle gal for many years.) Will review soon.

      • Kathleen says:

        You know, Bas de Soie, is the only fragrance, that I can think of, that I bought and didn’t enjoy. I got, absolutely, no sweetness from this. I like a little sweetness in my ‘fumes.

        • Masha says:

          Interesting. The SA noted that it smelled much sweeter on me than on most. A skin chem thing!

  • Ari says:

    WHAT A DEAL on the sand and sable! I would love to hear more about Givenchy eaudemoiselle- I assumed it would be more generic department store dreck.
    Maryland has been unbearably hot and humid for weeks now- still haven’t found a perfume that works in this heat.

  • SilviaFunkly says:

    BIG lunchtime grin from this post !!! Thanks !!!

    Just spent a week at my parents in steam-baking Italy, where I practically bathed in Costume National Sheer (on paper so not my thing but worked perfectly there).

    Apart from that, it’s all city-city this summer, still addicted to NdT, but also loving Penhalingon’s Orange Blossom. Finding El Attarine works very well for me at this time of the year so giving it a good run for its money.

    • Musette says:

      Italy…….(insert swooning emoticon here). I would wear Eau de Catpee if it meant I had a (nearly) house in It-lee. Instead I have a house in the middle of Nowhere, IL – and there’s no good pasta or wine – only funnel cakes with greasy powdered sugar and it looks as if we might have a cistern under the concrete front stoop, which is bad because it smells like Eau d’Amphibian on a damp day (like today) and the snails come out and attach themselves to the siding near the door – and it’s just all a bit too marshy and …ew..I’ll stop now.

      xoxo >-)

  • Tania says:

    lovely post Anita. I appreciate the way you discuss perfume…funny, interesting!
    Currently I am obsessed with Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince – the only flirting perfume available on this Earth! If not yet, you must try at least once. An amazing combination of lavender & pumpkin pie that turns me naughty!

    • Musette says:

      (~~) ?????


      Okay, you have successfully intrigued me. I would’ve bet my horses that no one could ever successfully combine ‘pumpkin’ and ‘flirt’ .

      xo >-)

  • Louise says:

    I’m spending in inordinate amount of time tromping local hiking trails, so my primary perfume lately
    has been trek-sweat, mixed with dust and some citronella from my dandy “bug band”-supposed to keep the bugs Off!

    When I get back to civilization, I’m all over the map. IUNX L’ether makes frequent appearances, as do various peppers (Poivre, Parfum Sacre Intense). For working and ladylike days, I’ve gone back to my favorite green chypres-YSL Y is as lovely as always and Ivoire’s grassiness is fabu.

    My new loves-white florals-working for those evenings out-Gardenia Petale, Amaranthing, and Carnal Flower are a delight.

    Love you guys!

    • Musette says:

      Love you more!

      I tried Poivre Samarcande a few nights ago, in intense heat. It was great for sleeping! Cooling/spice-ish, like black pepper (v. red).

      How is that bug band workin’ for ya?

      xo >-)

      • Louise says:

        Wearing the band on the wrist is only repelling the fellas : ) And-it seems to have limited range, as I found a wayward tick on my ankle later. Still…no Deet!

        I think I’ll try Secretions Magnifique next-that should repel any living beast.

        • Musette says:


          it could be the uber-expensive version of Avon’s SkinSoSoft (which actually does work as an insect repellent. I slathered myself in the oil whilst in Kenya, where the insects are, shall we say, HUGE! and emerged pretty much unscathed. It was a beautiful thing – and the stuff doesn’t smell too horrid.

          xo >-)

  • Shelley says:

    Lordy, Sand & Sable. I wish I could feel the love; heaven knows I appreciate being able to invest in a vat of Jean Nate for chilling out in the summertime. Guess I should count my blessings at enjoying one cheapie and call it quits on that search.

    Denyse is waxing gentle when she uses Lee’s “letting off a bit”; it’s positively gorgeous. Just warm enough, cool to sleep. Word is that’ll change soon, but I’ve gotta say…this weather is FAB compared to the 90 degree range high humidity and thunderstorms that I left for a bit.

    I’m kerfoofled (a state of being, vs a kerfuffle, which is an interaction), so I forgot my scents of summer from before. Wearing TDC de Sens et Bois, though, and it’s working well. No horses to run it by, so I’ve no idea if they’ll go for it. However, I’ll send word on how the museum crowd goes for it. ;)

    • Musette says:

      Jean Nate, Jean Nate (remember the commercial where the gal splashes it on her belly, then goes and jockeys a horse to a winning finish? Betcha he sneezed all the way around the track! =))

      I love Jean Nate. Have a vat of it in the fridge. El O almost drank it, thinking it was lemonade.

      I’m surprised you don’t love S&S – it should have all the ‘love’ components. Ah, well – should you ever wish to try it again, come sit by me. I got 20 cents worth!


      xo >-)

      ps. enjoy your fabulous hollerday!

  • Gisela says:

    I’m wearing Tauer’s new Carillon pour un Ange a lot these days – its green damp earthy lilly of the valley possesses a sincerity and honesty that lets me be just as I am and makes me feel perfect. And I discovered that his Lonestar Memories is gorgeous in the heat…
    But today the new Vero Kern EDPs are out in Germany and I already ordered Onda EDP, wohooo! :) To celebrate I’m wearing her stunning Rubj. (Zurich rocks ;))

  • This was such a rip-snortin’ read, y’all! I really like the daisy-chain chat format. Anita — heavy horses, hog roasts, and a Mad Men childhood: you just dumped a whole time capsule on us. I loved it. March and Anita, I’m so with you on the “more is more” approach to perfume in the heat. And Anita, I too am a fan of ashy dryness in the humidity. Nasomatto China White works a treat.

    Patty, I was interested to read that you’ve embraced Shanaan. I’ve been tap-dancing around my sample for a bit, and encouraged by your example, I’m thinking I need to give it a test drive in the heat that’s suddenly descended on LA like a horsehair (sorry, Anita!) blanket. And I’m certainly in the Nuit de Tubereuse club this summer.

    Haha Lee: “ladyboy side”.

    • Musette says:

      Katie! Are you ‘heavy into heavy horses’? I actually have a bumper sticker (not actually ON the car, of course) that says that! LOL!

      MY Nordie’s SA, Mohammed, turned me on to the ‘more is more’ approach – he is from (oh, crap – I’m gonna get it wrong so I’m gonna fake it and just say The Middle East) and he always reminds me that in extreme heat, those little citrus affairs just get eaten right up – in Sau – The Middle East – scents are much heavier, to be able to bloom and withstand the intense scorchiness .

      I have yet to sample NdT – that’s on for my next visit to civilization – can’t wait.

      xo >-)

      • Flora says:

        I am totally into heavy horses, and Percherons are my favorites, so I am actually envying you right now! NO smell is sweeter to me than warm horse, it beats even the best perfume.:x

        I wonder what the beasts would think of MKK?8-|

        • Musette says:

          I’m so allergic to them, I can’t even tell you! Once, an entire day in the stalls sent me to the Critical Care Unit (I am not joking). Now I carry an inhaler and do the Claritin D, which helps some. Horse pee is bothering me more, lung-wise, than horse dander. That just makes me welt up, especially around the eyes. It’s bizarre. But for my boys – anything.

          They might like MKK. I suspect they are okay with anything that isn’t sharpish. What I call the cocktail party scents (not stuff you wear TO a cocktail party, more stuff that smells like cocktails, if that makes sense – like Brillante smells like a Gibson). Other than that they don’t seem to mind much.

          xo >-)

      • Well, it’s more like “I’m heavy into Jethro Tull” (my uncomfortably odd nerd secret), because I had a their album “Heavy Horses” when I was a kid, which is where I learned that term. So I’m glad my exposure to the Tull finally amounted to something when I was able to throw the term around here!

  • Anita, I find it hilarious that the percherons sneeze at l’Heure Brillante… It will be repeated in high places!
    Like Carter, it’s summer in the city for me, and I’m pretty much breaking out my usual suspects: tropical and white floral blends. They just sing in the heat — and in old Paris apartments, there’s no AC, so when the heat is on, it really *is* on, though as Lee says, it’s let off a bit in Western Europe recently.

    • Musette says:

      It’s a mess, let me tell you – draft people look at you like you’re a Horse Abuser, particularly since drafts are relatively easygoing, for a horse (Perches are a little more high-strung than Belgians. Belgians are the Rottweilers of Draftdom – nothing fazes them)

      I’m definitely with you and Carter on the white florals. I wore Carnal Flower yesterday and it was a glorious thing, outdone only by the Madonna lilies that just popped open on my front porch. Nothing short of napalm could’ve beat that!

      xo >-)

  • Tamara*J says:


  • carter says:

    Musette is right about the country/city thing (Fresh Air! Times Square!) and since I’m stuck in the city for the duration and won’t even get anywhere near a tube of Bain de Soleil Gelee this summer I’ve gotta stick with works ’round these parts. Which is another way of saying that I surround myself in a dense, impenetrable cloud of a) what is pleasing to my schnoz and my schnoz alone and damn the torpedoes (otherwise known as the I’m-Stuck-Here-So-You’re-Stuck-With-ME-Deal-Widdit-Sucka approach) and b) that which has proven to be equally effective at repelling both sweaty tourists and miserable natives alike. Which is to say that I am hostile, dangerous, and girded to the gills.

    So, after much careful consideration, I have settled on…my usual. (Please leave the room now, March, or at least cover your nose and don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Okay, is she gone? Intense tropical bombs away! Manoumalia…yes! And Tubereuse Criminalle…yes, again!

    For the all of the above reasons and because I always, always, ALWAYS wanted to be Hedy Lamarr, and when I wear either of those two beautiful amazons of the perfumery I can feel as exotic and sublime as I imagined her to be.

    Of course it was all an illusion, but that’s exactly what you need in the summer, in the city.

    • carter says:

      “Criminelle.” I can flaunt it, but I can’t spell it. Let’s just leave it at Criminy and be done with it.

      • Musette says:


        I suspect you smell divine. Those who love Manoumalia prolly are morphing it into something truly sublime – I wouldn’t know as the only skin I can spritz it on other than mine is a Percheron flank and, well……well, a pissed-off draft horse is a Very Bad Thing, indeed. So it will have to wait until Thelma gets back from France.

        Oh, wait. You said Hedy. ;)) (I knew that – I’m jes’ joshin’ ya – both of them, imo, are fantabulous, though Hedy had both beauty and a Giant Brain, IIR)

        xo >-)

        • carter says:

          Dash (Terrier No. 2) sneezes whenever I open a sample vial of virtually anything, while Lark (Terrier No. 1) loves it all.

    • Musette says:

      Re “The Chores/The Stores” – my poor brain is starting to have a difficult time adjusting to the shift from Country to City – a few visits ago Mistress Shelley and I were standing on Cartier’s corner when I suddenly looked around, expecting to see a whole troop of horses…….I was feelin’ kinda hickish upon realizing that the clip-clop I was hearing was the thundering hooves clad in high heels, crossing the street! :-s

      That’d better not happen again.

      xo >-)

  • Tamara*J says:

    I just wanted to tell you all that I love each and every post from you guys. I look forward to them, y’all don’t even know!

    I have waited sooooooooo long for summer here where I live and now that it’s here it already somehow feels like ‘Indian summer’ – on the verge of changing and it makes me panic a little.
    I’m enjoying it as much as I can and taking it all in.

    Plus, this fall I plan on going back to school, I have no idea what to do with myself seeing as I’ve been home for ages but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.
    But I will miss lounging around, drinkin’ cup after cup of coffee and reading all the threads from here and my other favorite fume’ blogs. But I must!

    Anywho, I’ve been wearing Sohvoile’s Acoustic Flower and 10 CC.

    A.F. wears like a brighter, greener Carnal Flower to me a bit and reminds me of my garden at night when it’s cooled but the flowers are still heady from the day’s sunshine.
    10 CC just melds with my skin , I get alot of compliments from the fambam and I love to catch lil’ whiffs of it.
    Too much though and my skin gets all heeby jeeby,(itchy and rashy almost) and that SUCKS cause I adore it.

    I’ve made two good friends (My PPP’s) this summer through fume’ threads and that makes me happier than a pig in s#$%!
    Having this common obsession and getting to know another wonderful being because of it is a beautiful thing.

    I’m still saving my shiny pennies for my Tauer’s URC and hopefully URV in Oct. I can’t wait!

    <3 ~Tamara

    • Musette says:

      Liz does some incredible things, doesn’t she? I adore her. I’m thinking of wearing Love Speaks Primeval today except I have to go to the nursing home and that might not be The One. I’m still having some difficulties adjusting to the NH smells and am careful to wear a ‘fume that can power through the aura, especially when, like today, I have to go beyond the common areas of the place. I’m thinking Mitsouko parfum, which is my Empress in Shining Armor.

      And don’t worry about Posse v. School – School wins. Besides, it’s not like Olden Days in Television where, if you missed a broadcast you were toast. We’re here 24/7. Holla when you can.

      and enjoy the summer – I know what you mean about it morphing into Indian Summer way too soon but you know what? I think that’s more a function of aging (I know. Kill Me Now). Maybe we just know, better than we did when we were 10, that what goes up must come down and all that……

      xo >-)

      • Tamara*J says:

        Yes you are right about ‘Indian summer’

        My little 6 yr. old is goin crazy, summer is too long for her she bemoans, “The worse summuh evaah Mama!” As she flops her tiny dramatic self on my bed.
        Because she misses school, her friends, a routine.

        And here I am cringing inside, “Noooooo, I want it to last and last..”
        It is the age thing.Damn it.
        You’ve always been such a dear to me on here, thank you.<3

        I've seen those draft horsies on my trail run, GAAWD they are huge, warrior horses , like Braveheart should be riding them or something! I wait for those to pass by me cause to startle one and get kicked by that would be deadly! ha
        But they are beautiful, so regal.

    • karin says:

      I think Acoustic Flower smells exactly like Dior’s Hypnotic Poison! Nice scent.