I got nothin’ – but a giveaway – and a winner

It was that kind of week, like being pecked to death by ducks.  So I got nothin’ – except a list of minor, whiny complaints about logistics (why is it always LOGISTICS!? ) and the fact that, if UPS or Old Dominion or the Tooth Fairy decide they are NOT going to deliver the parts you put 3 guys through the wringer to get done ON TIME …..  ‘eh, that place is on the New Mexico border… it’s a far piece away from our hub so we only go there once a week.  And the driver missed the connection.  It’ll be there Tuesday (instead of last Thursday).  And you know what?  That. Is. That.  You can just tell when Dispatch is done with you, y’know?  I had that, ALL DAMB WEEK.

And I haz a snigraine.

And (bad news) The Girl was ….. um….. unpleasant to someone … and it was terrifying and a Cautionary Tale and it’s all okay(ish) now but I’m still shaken.

And (good news) The Easter Bunny came and put in some new raised beds after the old ones fell apart but the Easter Bunny is old and needed a hand so I hauled heavy lumber across the acreage…….even with the invention of the wheel, ya still gotta get it up on the wheel, y’know?  And I’m old, too.  That kind of barge totin’ and bale liftin’…… I forgot how exhausting it is!

So.  Whine.

But enough of that!  It’s a glorious day and I’mo take a bit of it off and dig in the dirt, ahead of the pending thunderstorms.  And practicing Gratitude that I can do it with The Girl by my side.

My baby moron.

I’ve got a WINNER!!!  from the Goldfield & Banks post:  Jennifer S.  gmail me at evilauntieanita (at), remind me what you’ve won and I’ll get it out to you – these really are pretty and I think you’ll enjoy them!

And!  I haz a draw for a lovely Hermes Twilly sample duo (bath/shower gel & edp) – to enter, tell me a story!  It doesn’t have to be a good one, though I sincerely hope you are not being pecked to death by anything!

  • Jennifer S says:

    Thank you so much!
    Sounds like the girl was startled as hell and just reacted naturally, but yeah…we all see our pets as family and it’s scary when we see them behaving otherwise. Glad to hear everything was okay.

  • Ariel says:

    You want to hear about my week? Really? Because I can COMPLAIN. Houseguests that stayed almost a week and yet: cleaned nothing, never offered to buy or make a meal, stunk up the guest room, and complained about being poor the entire time while walking into shops and considering buying things I would never consider to be in my budget. Despite obvious hints (and yes, I do need to work on saying what I want and need), they never once -NOT ONCE- left my little family alone. I pointed out multiple bars. One of them had a birthday while he was here and I let him know that a sweet spa just a few blocks away offers free soaks on birthdays. We’d show them around all day, come home and put the toddler to bed, and then do some necessary chores while they sat on our couch and did nothing. And then asked about what we would do the next day. Like we don’t have work and a kid and maybe the desire to have some alone time.

    I like these people, but not as house guests. And now that I have had them as house guests, I’m not sure I like them anymore.

    Plus my mom texting me every day about her hurt feelings that I only watched half of her terrible play. Reason? My toddler has a bedtime and I couldn’t get a babysitter (and also, I was sick)…but I’m the asshole for “not witnessing her as an artist”.

    In conclusion,I have now realized I am a whiny doormat and should probably do something about that. As soon as I get this stink out of my house.

    • Musette says:

      OMG! Are you sure you aren’t writing a sitcom? Sure? This made me LOL! You probably already know this but jik: you can like people but hate them as houseguests – and vice versa. I am an excellent houseguest – but I can be a real PITA as a pal because I am a shrike!

      Your mom: Bless. Her. Hort. Just love her – and possibly ignore the calls for a few more days.

      and yes, you are (currently) a doormat (though I will NOT call you whiny because this is some extreme stuff, here – I would’ve set them all aflame!) – but don’t despair, you’ll find your sweet spot for having houseguests. These people? These are NOT the houseguests you are looking for 😉

      You really could write a sitcom based on this – just a thought….


  • Kathleen says:

    Greetings Musette! I also enjoy your posts, they make me smile. I had an English Mastiff in the past, biggest teddy bear ever with me and the dearest dog ever for me. She would never go out of her way to bother anyone, just wanted to be left alone. We would warn everyone, don’t look at her and don’t touch her, However, if anyone approached her, look out! She would take their arm off. That was her innate personality, and therefore, we also kept her very sheltered with us, and the few people she tolerated.
    Since then, I’ve had boxers who pretty much love one and all, which is easier all around for walks, outings, and having people over.
    Happy gardening, as exhausting and labor intensive it is, will be worth it!

    • Musette says:

      OMG! Laughed like a lima bean at the ‘don’t look at her’ line – my neighbors have a Saint Bernard like that. You cannot look at him without him going ballistic! And I don’t mean the Stare of Hierarchy, either – you just can’t LOOK at him, where he can see you doing so. Also, nobody can scratch him under his chin. I mostly just wave from across the street 😉


  • Tara C says:

    My dog is never off a 6 ft sturdy leash either, and I keep her pulled up right close to me if we are going to cross paths with other dogs or people. Little dogs can be hellions too, for sure!

    • Musette says:

      Yes. Yes they can. However! You and I both know that she is unlikely to cause Permanent Fatal Issues, whereas The Girl…… and that’s why I never allow her anywhere near anything smaller than herself. And now? She doesn’t have to be anywhere near anything other than me or her dad. Or her doc (who deals with crabby bulls and is afraid of NOTHING). That’s it. xoxoxoA

  • hczerwiec says:

    Some fun neighborhood drama: there’s a guy on our street, lives with his mom, and he has a big flatbed tow truck that he parks on the street (which takes up half the block). It’s LOUD and he usually starts it up and lets it run before he goes out at like 11pm. We all hate it, and there’s this unspoken Minnesota passive-aggressiveness among the rest of us to try and park spaced out such that he can’t fit that stupid truck. So, one neighbor started yelling at the guy’s mom about the truck, then the guy came out, and they got in a fistfight — cops called and everything. What cracks me up is that the neighbor who lost it HAS NO CAR — he Ubers everywhere — and yet he’s the one who threw down over it.

    • Musette says:

      omg. isn’t that ALWAYS the way? LOL! El O likes to wade into things that have absolutely NO impact on his life – I just laugh.


  • Matty says:

    How terrible for you. Don’t let it spoil a visit to your lovely son.

  • cara says:

    Just replaced my >20 year old fluorescent light fixture in my kitchen with a snazzy LED version. It was economical and I’ll never have to change a light bulb again. The light is amazingly better and you can select the color of the light. Even the installer was impressed with the style and the quality of the light. I can’t believe I waited so long!

    And now I need to smell like Twilly as I clean grease and dust I couldn’t see before off the cabinets :^)

    • Musette says:

      LOL! The old New Light Sees Old Dirt chestnut. Been there. That New Light is the equivalent of ‘visitors’ eyes’, where you look at your house through the lens of a stranger. That vision leads to way more cleaning, alas.


  • MMGnaples says:

    I’m about to go visit my son in CA who is in his last year of college (I live in FL). Haven’t been there since last fall. Last time I was there, I was attacked by a man as I was crossing the street (11 am, very busy intersection) and ended up in the hospital for a week with a broken jaw, and other injuries. I’m on the mend now, but fighting back a little apprehension. I keep telling myself – not only am I going to see my fantastic son, but that I’m the lucky one. I have a wonderful family, great friends, and a roof over my head. The assailant just has a very long prison term – and is even crazier than I am!! LOL! 2018 was a stinky year for many people. 2019 is full of hope, love and gratitude. Carpe Diem!!!

    • Musette says:

      HOLY SNAKES AND CABBAGE, MMG! OMG! Y’know, waaay back (30? years ago) I was accosted (not attacked) by a mentally ill woman, in much the same situation (broad daylight, downtown intersection) – all she did was yell at me but to this day I remember that jolt of sheer terror of something coming out of the blue! To be actually ATTACKED! omg.

      and yes, you are the lucky one – I’m so glad you are on the mend and that you continue to have gratitude. Keep healing – and stay crazy (just don’t get CRAZY! lol!)


  • rosarita says:

    I have no story except whiney ones . I’m going through a medication change that I knew would be rough but knowing and experiencing are very different >_< plus I am truly tired of feeling like crud and having to take care of my mother at the same time. Caretaker burnout is real. My sis is coming to relieve me next week but she suffers from crippling anxiety and OCD and drives mom nuts….wah.
    On the plus side, hasn't it been a gorgeous spring?? Like the slow, unfolding springs I remember growing up.
    So sorry about The Girl, that does sound terrifying 🙁

    • Musette says:

      Hon, you have a LOT on your plate! Do NOT forget to put your own mask on first. Your mom will do okay for a week – let them have at it! 😉 I learned that, dealing with my own dad – they are not nearly as fragile as we think they are – and they will both manage.

      and yes, this Spring is gorgeous. It’s chilly today, which is a floral blessing, allowing the daffodils and tulips time to shine, rather than get burned up in the early, extreme heat.

      Wishing you all the best – and have a good week OFF! xoxoxoA

  • Tara C says:

    As the owner of a small fragile toy dog, I live in fear of an unpleasant incident with a large dog. Thank you to people who keep their dogs on leash, and muzzled in public if you know your dog is reactive or unreliable.

    We finally had two days of real, sunny spring weather, yay! But this morning it’s back to cold and windy.

    • Musette says:

      I would no more have her off a leash than I would go out nekkid! lol! No, this was Classic – hypervigilant outside and a bit careless inside. it was at home and it was my own fault (someone she knew but he was in the wrong place and she didn’t see him come in, etc) – luckily no serious damage and it’s changed our protocol 100%

      Interestingly, we have been accosted by no fewer than 5 teeeeeny dogs, 2 of whom were off-leash! ….sweatergawd…an intact CHIHUAHUA! Unleashed, aggressive, and looking to put a period to his existence. Chased us right out of the park!


  • Roseyposeyleo says:

    I’m in California visiting my daughters and guess what, I’ve got allergies like I’ve never had. Who would think leaving cold Ohio, I can’t take the beautiful blossoms and pollen. Oh well, it’s worth it!

    • Musette says:

      CA has amazing flora – and stunning allergies to go with! I always viewed the pending Jacaranda blossoms with MUCH alarm – so beautiful. SO sneezy! For me, it’s the West Coast equivalent of cottonwood. Enjoy your visit with your daughters!


  • Gina says:

    My story: I took off work Friday and Monday to rest from my stressful job. Instead I had a stressful time since I had to get a new computer and car, which took up both days. I went to pick up my brand new car and the bumper was damaged. Now, I am fighting with the dealership. They want to repaint the bumper. I want a brand new car that didn’t have an accident and get repaired or money back for a used damaged car.