Winner! Winner! (s)

okay, no chicken dinner!

Well, the Hollerdays are (FINALLY!) over and it’s time to get to winners from the All Christmas in a Day post.  The Girl is sitting beside me as I type this, looking at me strangely…and stinking…..and suddenly I realized :  OMG!  SHE HAS to p…….. hang on, I’ll be right back!


Okay –  we’re back!  TG is poking her paws out!  Here we go, in order:


Dina C A little suite of vintage minis, including Miss Balmain, Joy and an Uncle Serge

Mindy Grazulis A set of Bruno Acampora The Essences

hajusuuri A Discovery Set of my beloved Liz Zorn’s Signature Naturals

Scent Spirit An amazing sample set of Amanda Feeley’s Esscentual Alchemy line

HeidiC A Surrender to Chance sample pack of O’Driu &Xerjoff

dysgyzed (ATgmailDOTcom) A lovely boxed set from the lovely Mindy Yang’s Club code/deco

Anniea 3 different batch iterations of Chanel LE Bois des Iles

ClaudiaS A gorgeous carded sample group of Ramon Monegal’s shimmering scents

Pam A selection of Carded samples from Parfums Quartana (they are glorious)

Kathleen Another selection of carded samples from Parfums Quartanaaround

Gina: Yet another selection of carded samples from Parfums Quartana

rosarita A fab little sample tray filled with goodies from the Messy Armoire. Some vintage finds, some current. I stuck my paw in – what came out went into the tray, which is a pretty win from Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, aka Carlos Powell.

y’all know the drill by now:  Gmail your evilauntieanitaAT and PLEASE tell me what you won so I don’t have to keep coming back over here – all my devices Hate Mah Guuuts right now and I mostly just want to go read a book ( a REAL book.  Which doesn’t crash).

The Girl says you all owe her a pawnicure!



HeidiC January 14, 2020

Squeee! Thank you, Musette et Girl! Also, that pic of Picard is HILARIOUS.

Kathleen January 14, 2020

Congratulations winners! The Girl has been busy! Thank you Musette! 

Pam January 14, 2020

Thanks, Musette, and tell The Girl hello from the rainy South. 

Teresa January 14, 2020

Congrats to the lucky winners!

hajusuuri January 14, 2020

Oh yay!  Thank you!  Will email shortly!