Winner! Winner! (s)

okay, no chicken dinner!

Well, the Hollerdays are (FINALLY!) over and it’s time to get to winners from the All Christmas in a Day post.  The Girl is sitting beside me as I type this, looking at me strangely…and stinking…..and suddenly I realized :  OMG!  SHE HAS to p…….. hang on, I’ll be right back!


Okay –  we’re back!  TG is poking her paws out!  Here we go, in order:


Dina C A little suite of vintage minis, including Miss Balmain, Joy and an Uncle Serge

Mindy Grazulis A set of Bruno Acampora The Essences

hajusuuri A Discovery Set of my beloved Liz Zorn’s Signature Naturals

Scent Spirit An amazing sample set of Amanda Feeley’s Esscentual Alchemy line

HeidiC A Surrender to Chance sample pack of O’Driu &Xerjoff

dysgyzed (ATgmailDOTcom) A lovely boxed set from the lovely Mindy Yang’s Club code/deco

Anniea 3 different batch iterations of Chanel LE Bois des Iles

ClaudiaS A gorgeous carded sample group of Ramon Monegal’s shimmering scents

Pam A selection of Carded samples from Parfums Quartana (they are glorious)

Kathleen Another selection of carded samples from Parfums Quartanaaround

Gina: Yet another selection of carded samples from Parfums Quartana

rosarita A fab little sample tray filled with goodies from the Messy Armoire. Some vintage finds, some current. I stuck my paw in – what came out went into the tray, which is a pretty win from Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, aka Carlos Powell.

y’all know the drill by now:  Gmail your evilauntieanitaAT and PLEASE tell me what you won so I don’t have to keep coming back over here – all my devices Hate Mah Guuuts right now and I mostly just want to go read a book ( a REAL book.  Which doesn’t crash).

The Girl says you all owe her a pawnicure!



  • Shweww! Finally able to log in, so I could send my thanks. Truly excited to win! Laughed at this post, danced to find I had won and yes, a pretty box from what I saw on Mindy Yang Club’s website. I emailed my address, and didn’t get it bounced back, so hopefully all, including my longer thanks, went well through. Sending My Best Wishes! ~Angelique

  • HeidiC says:

    Squeee! Thank you, Musette et Girl! Also, that pic of Picard is HILARIOUS.

  • Kathleen says:

    Congratulations winners! The Girl has been busy!

    Thank you Musette! 

  • Pam says:

    Thanks, Musette, and tell The Girl hello from the rainy South. 

  • Teresa says:

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

  • hajusuuri says:

    Oh yay!  Thank you!  Will email shortly!