Covid Perfume Diary

Hi there Posse! Well, after years of dodging and weaving it seems I got hit by the dreaded lurgy, Covid. I regularly get PCR Tests because I’d hate to be a Typhoid Mary at my Trivia nights. So it was Monday, I was picking my BFFs Dad up to take him to his seniors meeting where I was hosting a Trivia at their AGM Day. Running 20 minutes early I dropped into the free Seventh Day Adventist testing station between our place and his getting my regular fortnightly check up. Filled out the online form, got swabbed and went about my day. Hosted Trivia for the seniors and then took my courtesy Aunt and BFFs Dad out for Korean Fried Chicken for lunch. Dropped them home, went and did some grocery shopping and came home.

Jin was dog tired so we basically waved to each other as he arrived home. He watched a bit of TV, fed himself and went to bed.

Around 1am while I’m watching TV the usual results-ping comes through. I look and then look again, POSITIVE for Covid. WHAT?? At this point I’m feeling perfectly fine with zero symptoms.

Covid Perfumes

Covid Perfumes

Tuesday Day 2:

I’m having to scramble to get hosts for Trivia. Half my team is down with Covid. The other half working or filling in for them. For tonight I have a player who has been coming on Tuesday for well over a decade. He hosts funerals and is a very nice man. He is happy to step in and help out. PHEW!! Wednesday and Sunday get sorted later in the day. As soon as the Trivia were fixed I could relax.

I’m still in remnants of last nights Estee Lauder Youth Dew. It’s such an easy, fun, lavish ride I spritz it again around brunchtime. Fortunately I’m still not feeling ill in any way and it smells perfect.

Covid Perfume Diary

Had a nap.

Jin comes home, cooks Chicken Congee and he eats in front of the TV. I eat at the dining table. We are separate but together. He goes to bed, I have a boiling hot bubble bath and cuppa to heat inside & out. Used up the last of my L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee shower gel. So pretty. Bed, sleep like dead people.

Wednesday Day 3:

Starting to get a drippy nose. My throat feels like it snored all night long. It’s pretty cold here in Sydney and these are things I might feel anyway. Normally a coffee and breakfast would dissipate the feels but they stay today.

This morning I CHANEL Paris – Deauville, I really wanted a soft citrus scent to check I am still smelling OK. No problems. Nose blowing is becoming more persistent and I’m finding it hard to keep warm. Not uncomfortable or sick, just a little coldy.

I bubble bath in Tabu Shower Gel bubbles and then spritz on large amounts of vintage Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. OMG! No wonder I loved this so much. Gorgeous. It’s probably two or three years since I last wore my 1990s bottle, usually I wear my newer, less syrupy backup bottle.

Covid Perfume Diary

Had a nap.

Jin comes home. Cooks Bangers & Mash with Onion Gravy! How bloody spoiled am I? One of my all time fave meals. A perfect Covid dinner. We watch Notting Hill together from opposite sides of the living room. He goes to bed. I spritz lavish amounts of Agent Provocateur Blue Silk and head to bed around 2am, slept like a log.

C19 Perfume Diary

Thursday Day 4:

OK, I’m starting to feel chills, body discomfort and dizzy. The nose is running a lot and I’m feeling very emotional. Made a sandwich for brunch. Watching Netflix and Disney+. Crying, no weeping uncontrollably, in Love, Simon. That movie should definitely come with a warning label.

Spritzed Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations. Why is this not one of the most praised perfumes in history? The figgy woods are so beautiful.

Had a nap.

Jin comes home and cooks his famous Korean Sweet & Sour Pork. I know it looks like nothing in the picture but it’s unbelievably delicious and has about 1/10th the sugar of the Chinese version. We watch the football companionably across the room from each other. Missing the hugs a bit tonight.

Covid Perfumes

Jin goes to bed. I’m feeling pretty rotten. When I blow my nose my left ear is popping and blowing air. I’m aching. Chills. Dizzy. Generally morose. Still not so sick but feeling sorry for myself. I’m going to take some Cold & Flu Night tablets tonight. Jin grabbed me a pack on the way home from work, I think they’ll help ease me through the night.

A bubble bath, boiling hot, with Rose Jam bubbles by LUSH. Peppermint tea with honey. If you’re going to feel like shit, might as well pamper yourself a little, eh?

After my bath I watched the first half of Moulin Rouge! WOW! What a bloody amazing movie. Ewen McGregor is one of my all time favourites. During it my head started pounding so I took a couple of pills and off to bed. Wanting something calming I chose Green Spell by Eris. Perfect.

Covid Perfume Diary

Friday Day 5: 

Woke up feeling a lot better. Cup of coffee, plate of chicken congee and some Guerlain Mahora. I love this bottle, and the fragrance is like a winter tropical escape to paradise. Thick and rich with white & yellow flowers, drizzled with vanilla and creamy sandalwood. Fortunately my sniffer is still in working order. So far.

Jin is working from home today. nice because he’s around, annoying because he’s at the dining table which is central to all food and TV. So I stick to my office, bathroom and the spare bedroom which are all joined. When I go to the kitchen I mask up. Covid awareness in the house.

Been writing blog posts. It’s nice to have stuff done in advance and there’s very little else I can do. Have been reading the Tove Jansson (Finnish artist of Moomintroll fame) biography (yes, still, it’s been dragging on for nearly a year). Weird thing is, I’m loving reading about this crazy woman full of wanderlust and adventure. She is so focussed on her artistic endeavour, has bum luck in love, lives by her own principles and is completely neurotic. There is a lot to recommend her. Plus she created a world that in my childhood taught me that it took of community of oddballs to make a family. A real, chosen and familial, family. A warts and all, unconditional love with healthy respect, parameters and space.

Evening and Jin went off to see Madame Butterly and have dinner with mates. I watched movies, ate a delicious cheese and fruit platter, had a bath in Reem Acra Shower Gel bubbles. SO HOT!! Fabulous. Then heavy spritzing of Boucheron Jaipur Pour Homme. Big and grand.

C19 Perfume Diary

Saturday Day 6: 

Except for a slight nose drizzle I’m fighting fit. Mind fog almost gone. Ready to be let out into the wilds again on Monday.

Woke up craving Weed Bix and hot milk for breakfast. SO YUMMY in winter. Jin has taken up residence on the couch. He’s having a lazy day because of picking up an overnight overtime shift tonight. The extra money is too good to turn down.

Looking for something sweet and warm feeling I opted for Lalique EdT, the original mass market Femme of theirs from 1992. It’s a lightly glam fruity floral powerhouse and it always makes me smile.

I’m going to get a head start on my TRIVIA Q&A for the next few weeks.

MORE Lalique EdT.

Jin headed off to work and I’ve been watching Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I only remember seeing the first so the second and third have been rollicking adventures.

Dinner was a huge bowl of Jin’s Chicken Congee and then crazy amounts of junk food and popcorn.

Covid Perfume Diary

Doing nothing is tiring, I’m for bed. A few spritzes of DIOR Patchouli Imperial, clean my teeth and gone for ZZZZZs.

Covid Perfume Diary

Sunday Day 7: 

Today is sunny! I slept in late, woke at my own time and feel really good. I’m wearing Guerlain Terracotta le Parfum. Buttery white floral goodness.

Jin slept after his night shift till about 11am and went out with his BFF Matt for Yum Cha. If I’d not had Covid we would have been three. BUM!

Instead I had squishy ham & cheese sandwiches and a glass of milk. Did some washing and some desultory blogging. Today is my last full day of laziness so I’m going to enjoy it.

In the afternoon Jin fell asleep on the couch and Paris & I snuck off to the spare bedroom and slept a couple of blissful hours away too.

Tonight I made Fish Fingers, Chips and Salad for us. We tried to watch that Ryan Reynold’s Adam movie but the kid annoyed Jin so much we had to turn it off. Instead we watched Netflix Dirty Lines. Bloody hilarious. the story of Dutch sex talk lines, the first in the world. Spawned an industry.

After Jin went to bed I watched some more TV, had the most wonderful boiling hot L’Occitane Lavande bubble bath, heavily spritzed myself with Caron Pour un Homme and hit the hay.

C19 Perfume Diary

Monday Day 8: 

YAY! Freedom Day. I’ve been Covid asymptomatic for over 24 hours. Done my week of isolation.


I’m so grateful that I had just had my 4th shot and I really think that’s why my case was as mild as it was.

Hope none of you get Covid but if you do, that it’s as easy a ride as mine was.
Portia xx



  • Kathleen says:

    I just read your post now. I’m so sorry you were sickly all week but good to know you’re on the mend and feeling better, ready to go back into the world. I enjoyed reading about all of your fragrance choices, fabulous! Agreed, might as well spoil yourself while down and out home for the week. Get well! xoxo

  • Musette says:

    Oh, my darling! Just saw this – SO glad you experienced a mild case!
    Your spritzing sounds amazing, though I must admit that the bubble baths gave me a virtual Yeastie. Yikes! lol!


  • Anna Maria says:

    I miss you Portia and I love your beautiful combinations of bath and frags?glad you had it ok with c19
    My love to you and Jin xx

    • Portia says:

      Anna Maria,
      Your European holiday looks amazing. I can tell how happy and relaxed you all are.
      We miss you too. You would have LOVED Priscilla.
      Hugs and hugs,
      Portia xx

  • NHL says:

    Glad you managed your bout so well, all the while smelling fabulous to boot. Even with the dreaded lurgy, you live so luxuriously…I love it! Very enjoyable read, thank u Portia x
    PS Jin sounds like an awesome cook!!

    • Portia says:

      Hi there NHL,
      Thanks. It was fun to have a bit of focus while ill.
      Jin did a year of chef-ing in Korea so he could write it on his application for Australian Citizenship. It’s the one thing we seem to need badly. So, by the time I met him he was already a seasoned cook. Coming here he has been expanding his repertoire whenever we particularly like a dish in a restaurant or friends home.
      He is also good company (mostly).
      Portia xx

  • rosarita says:

    I’m so glad you are feeling better, Portia! My husband and I just traveled across the country to stay with old friends as we help them with some hurricane disaster relief. Surprise, we both tested positive as soon as we got here. My husband feels top notch now, I’m the one who’s had the fever, cough, etc. Much better me than him. I’m quarantined in the back bedroom and the bottle of Narciso I packed still smells great so that’s good. Your scent and food diary is a lovely read.

  • Maya says:

    I’m glad that you got the Covid-lite strain. It seems to be incredibly contagious though. An awful lot of people here got it this past spring, but fortunately they all had the lite variety.
    YAY for perfume!

    • Portia says:

      Hey Maya,
      PHEW! for all of us that are catching the low level C19.
      A few of my mates are getting a REALLY tough one with long aftereffects. It’s terrifying. So the yuck variety is still around. Some of the young men are having full on heart attacks as well.
      I’m so fortunate, on so many levels.
      SUPER YAY for perfume.
      Portia xx

  • Tara C says:

    Sorry you’ve been sick – I got it three weeks ago and like you, wasn’t very sick, better after a week. Still a lingering bit of dry cough but otherwise normal. Back to wearing normal amounts of perfume. My sense of smell and taste were reduced but not gone while I was sick but are 100% now. I need to wear Terracotta again soon.

    • Portia says:

      Hey TaraC!
      We must have been sick around the same time. SNAP! Glad you got the easy version too.
      PHEW! On the smell staying pretty good. I’m not sure how well I’d have coped losing it. That might have been a real occasion for some sad times.
      Oh yes. Terracotta de Parfum is swoon worthy.
      Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    So sorry you’ve been sick, Portia. Fragrance is SUCH comfort, isn’t it, along with baths and good food and naps. Our son, 25, has the covid right now, so we are trying to not catch it from him. He and his coworkers all came down with it last week. Loved your list of perfume choices and bath products. You certainly smelled great. Hope you’re feeling physically and emotionally much better each day! Sending hugs!

    • Portia says:

      Thanks DinaC,
      Good luck with your boy. I hope he gets C19 lite like I did.
      Yes, fragrance is a world of comfort and diversion in times of need.
      Portia xx

  • March says:

    SO GLAD you kept your sense of smell, and all the food and bubble baths sound absolutely lovely! It seems like so many people who hadn’t gotten it have succumbed in the last few months. I loved Heartstopper on Netflix if you haven’t seen it and need something to binge (8 short episodes.)

    • Portia says:

      Thanks March,
      Oh yes, we watched Heartstopper the day it dropped. They’ve officially ordered a second season that we are very excited about. What a cast!
      Portia xx

  • alityke says:

    Good that you’re all better & your sense of smell wasn’t affected. Perfume seems to have been helpful during your isolation.

    • Portia says:

      SO helpful Alityke. It always brings me a new perspective. Like walking into wonderland but just your nose takes you.
      Portia xx

  • cassieflower says:

    So many people who have avoided it for past couple of years have been caught recently. Glad yours was mild and you didn’t lose your smell. That’s the thing that I’d hate!

    • Portia says:

      Thanks Cassieflower,
      Many of my friends would tell you I’ve never had much of a nose to lose. They’re bitches, and I love them.
      Portia xx

  • cinnamon says:

    So sorry you got the evil, but like Tom glad it wasn’t totally awful. in the past month I’ve heard from 5 friends who had dodged it but had now gotten it. One is still feeling the after effects; another said it was the worst illness she’s had as an adult. All vaxxed. I’m not pretty sure I got it very early in 2020 and recall saying this isn’t flu — it’s the worst thing ever (fever, cough, vertigo, ear whooshing, worst sore throat I’ve ever had — and then dry cough for two months after). I’m glad you were well enough to perfume up and enjoyed following your list. Ironically, I had the twitches yesterday so walked to the farm shop and came home with popcorn.

    • Portia says:

      Thanks Cinnamon,
      Yes, Over the few weeks a whole slew of my buddies have come down with it, mostly GHASTLY cases. I feel really fortunate.
      HA! See Popcorn is YUMMY!
      Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    I’m sorry you got it but glad it touched you lightly. You made me go spritz on Youth Dew. Love that one. Even if it’s summer here. It’s such a big shouldered fragrance.

    Now I want popcorn..

    • Portia says:

      HA! Popcorn is YUMMY!
      As are you Tom.
      Portia xx

      • Cristina says:

        Hi portia

        I enjoy your Writing and thanks for your diary

        One note: 4 shots .. and you Still got ill (however mildly, luckily)?

        Believing that that’s the reason why symptoms were mild is, well, a belief. Not science.

        With 4 shots, you shouldn’t have gotten sick at all, in case the shots actually did What They are supposed to do

        I had very mild symptoms with zero shots. So did my family.

        And I have ultravaxxed friends who got really sick.

        In my country We suffered serious discrimination. Which now it is obvious that it was unjustified.

        I hope people start using their judgment. Based on evidence and in their experience. Not from propaganda-fuelled beliefs.

        All the best to you.

    • Kathleen says:

      Youth Dew is one of my most favorite perfumes, you smell fabulous Tom!