Mad for minis

I’m fairly certain that most perfumistas have the “collecting” gene. One look into our cabinets, closets, dressers, etc., would confirm that pretty easily, I think. And I’m guessing that some of us have collections of other things as well. For… Continue Reading

Beauty Product Reviews – Weekend Round-Up!

cutest Christmas wreath in the world!

We haven’t done this for a long while.  Here’s the beauty product reviews (brief) for stuff I’m loving right now.     Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation. Holy hell, Hannah!  I’ve loved the Armani foundations in the past, but this… Continue Reading

Huitieme Art Poudre de Riz and more

My first thought was to do an Aquatic-Themed, post-Sandy post..then I realized that there is not one thing amusing, droll, twee….nunathat…about a bazillion gallons of sea and river water coursing into people’s lives.  I am just so grateful that all… Continue Reading