LIVE Video Sniff – Grab Bag of Fragrance

LIVE Video Sniff – Grab Bag of Fragrance Hey Hey Posse! Portia in the POSSE today with the lovely EmmaKate and we are from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and we have a super fun grab bag of 3 fragrances today in our LIVE… Continue Reading

Oh, to Smell Like a Duchess (by Nava)

OK, admit it: you got up at some ungodly hour last Friday morning to watch the royal wedding. I did, and I was glad. I watched Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles 30 years ago, broken wrist and all (I’d… Continue Reading

I Smell…Nothing. (by Nava)

I had a really interesting Thursday. I went on a sniffing expedition and was, how shall I say this: disappointed. I’ve tried to keep an open mind over the years and do my best to be an equal opportunity sniffer.… Continue Reading