March Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother

perfume sample fairy godmother

Esperanza the Perfume Fairy Godmother

It’s time for the March Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother post.  You can post one thing you are  longing for – perfume sample or perfume decant or full bottle.

So here’s how it works – this post will be open for the entire month of March 2013.   I’ll start a new one at the beginning of April.

For those of you new or that need a reminder of how this works – in comments you can list one thing that you are yearning for and can’t seem to get –  a perfume sample is the easiest wish to grant for me.  Or you can wish for a full bottle, decant, vintage perfume or discontinued perfume you can’t find.  If someone has it and can help you out, they can reply to you in comments and then you can arrange to go offline through e-mail to work things out.  Please don’t post e-mails in comments unless you spoof them somehow, like this – patty at perfumeposse dawtcawm (spelling the dotcom at the end that way prevents robots from finding it as easily). Caveat Emptor and all that, don’t send people money, check out their references on MUA or Basenotes or the Facebook groups before you send something in a swap, if you wind up doing a swap.  

If it’s a gift, send away.  I should note that  it’s more likely that a Fairy Godmother will happen along if you are a fairly regular commenter on The Posse and people recognize your name.

I’ll also play Perfume Posse Fairy Godmother and go through the list every month and grant some perfume sample wishes. I’ll pick from ones that nobody has been able to help with – I’ll spin my wheel  – and send them The Precious. 

perfume sample magic wand
So what is it that your heart desires?  (pulling out wand from the back of the closet and blowing off an inch of dust)  

Mstarheel April 1, 2013

Thanks to Lynne Marie and Heather F. for being such wonderful perfume fairy godmoms - They both sent me what I had been longing for as well as other samples of scents I never had the opportunity to try. Y'all rock!

Jan Last April 1, 2013

BEST Fairy month, EVER! I have had so much fun, it's ridiculous. The Post Office was sure I'd gone mad, my husband was positive, the fumes were flying hither and yon. Hither is actual in Mississippi, lol. And I met some great people, and was gifted so nicely by Natalie! I can't wait for next month. I just ordered a hundred new 2.5 ml decant bottles.

Sheila March 16, 2013

Hello, Could I please request a small sample of Marni perfume? I smelled it in a magazine and thought it was so lovely.

Elia March 14, 2013

Dear Esperanza, as my Neroli wish I've had since January seems unlikely I'm gonna broaden my wish and hope a wand hits me. I'd wish for something vanilla like Lostmarc’h Lann-Ael or Soivohle Vanillaville I could also wish for an introduction to Arquiste, with Anima Dulcis and Aleksandr sounding most interesting. I'm in the EU.

Mariekel March 13, 2013

I know i am super late to the party this month but I am desperate to try Jean Desprez Jardanel, even the tiniest smidge. Also longing to try any of the following: CB Invisible Monster, Oliver & Co Gincense, Tauer Loretta and Coty A'suma. Thanks!

Jamie March 12, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have searched high and low for L'artisan Vanilia. I would love any amount! I have also heard MPG (Maître Parfumeur et Gantier) Fleurs des Comores is an improved version...and would be over the moon to have either. Thank you!

Merlin March 11, 2013

Greetings to Fairygodmothers everywhere, Do any of you have (in your silver wands) any L'Air du Desert Moroccain? I had a sample some years back. I finished it and still wasn't absolutely sure whether I NEEDED a whole bottle of it. Now I am missing it but I only have an empty vial of it to sniff... If anyone can make me a sample or small decant I would really appreciate it. (Oh, and - full disclosure - I live in South Africa which I know is a postal problem for some.)

Mstarheel March 11, 2013

Hi Heather F- Do you still have the sample of Cardinal? If so, I'd love to have it. I'm emailing you now with my address.

Mstarheel March 11, 2013

Hi Lynne Marie - thanks for your generous offer! I emailed you this morning with my address. Let me know if you didnt receive it. Hopefully I'll be in a position to reverse gift you some time, but I don't own any chypres now.

Erica Y. March 10, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I would *adore* some Elixir de Merveilles. I love the Eau, and the Eau with amber, and this one sounds amazing. Thanks so much for making this giveaway possible, regardless of how my own personal wish turns out. :)

Rina March 8, 2013

Dear FG, I've heard from another Little Goth Girl that I need to try vintage Messe de Minuit and/or BPAL Graveyard Dirt. Both sound divine if anyone has some to spare....Thanks so much! (PS: I'm in the US)

Mary P. Brown March 8, 2013

Hi there - just wondering if you had received the email I sent. Cheers! - Mary P. Brown

Ines March 7, 2013

Dear Perfume fairy, I'd still love to try Boutonniere 7 if I can. :)

Priscilla March 7, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy, I would love to find/have any amount, even a drop, of the original Jungle Gardenia by Tuvache.

Mary P. Brown March 6, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy, I have fallen head over heels for Shalimar and Spiritueuse Double Vanille, I think I need therapy, ha! Would be happy for anything, thank you, thank you, thank you......

Irina March 6, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy, I would dearly love to have a sample of Moss Gown- please, pretty please... I live far away-this could be a major problem

Kacey March 6, 2013

Thanks for this lovely fairy godmother tradition! I've been in the doldrums a bit lately (hooray for first year of grad school!) and keep hearing how Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling is such a joyful fragrance that will lift any mood. A sample/decant of that would be wonderful. Along the same lines of comfort/cheer for a grey day, I'd love to give Vero Profumo Mito, Providence Perfume Co Cacao Tuberose, and Love + Toast Honey Coconut a sniff, or anything else you lovely lot think might toss a little sunshine my way. Hopefully I can be a FG to somebody else after combing through these comments!

Emily S March 6, 2013

First I'd like to thank Jan and Carole for being so extremely kind to me last month! Thanks guys! Hopefully I can fulfill some more wishes this month too. As for my wish, I'd LOVE a spray decant of my favorite Chanel Cristalle edt for March in preparation for Spring. Take care perfumistas!

Mstarheel March 6, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, yikes - erm... i meant CB 7 Billion Hearts!

Mstarheel March 6, 2013

Dearest Fairy Godmother & Posse Posters, If you or fellow posters can fulfill a sample, decant, or bottle of any of the following, I would be eternally grateful: CB One Billion Hearts, Avignon - Comme des Garcons, Cardinal - Heeley, Mito - Vero Profumo. i'm in the US

FearsMice March 6, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I'd love to sample Tocade by Rochas...

Natalie March 5, 2013

I'd love to be a reverse fairy godmother... I'm vastly downsizing my perfume collection, and I'd like to offer 3 or 4 grab bags of samples, decants, and perhaps even partial bottles to any newbies living in the U.S. and eager to sniff anything. They'll be a random mix of interesting, mostly niche scents, and even if you don't love 'em, they'll make excellent fodder for swapping! I'm at c o e "dot" n a t "at" g m a i l "dot" c o m, or Zanfirico on MUA.

RuthF March 5, 2013

I'd love to try Bois des Iles if anyone has a drop to spare. I'm in Australia. ruthfarrelly at gmail dot com. I'm happy to swap something if I have something you'd like to try :)

Mary March 4, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother, I am searching for Bonne Bell Cool Skin II, a discontinued perfume from the 1970s. I know a sample would be next to impossible, but I would be forever grateful for any information on its notes that could be used to recreate it or find something like it. Please email mbolles at ec.rr dotcom

Katrin March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy! I recently learnt of the existence of a fragrance called Barry Lyndon and am now so curious to try it out. Thank you! PS. I live in Europe.

Civet March 4, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother, I would love, love a decant of Hermes 24, Faubourg EDP. I just finished up a sample, and I think it may be on my ton ten favorites list. I have lots of samples I can send your way in return!

Elisa Gabbert (@egabbert) March 4, 2013

I'd really like to do some reverse fairy-godmothering with stuff I don't need. If anyone in the US would like any of the following, free of charge, email me at elisagabbert at gmail dot com: Small decants: Rochas Femme (newer version, but not brand new) Ines de la Fressange, either/both versions AG Mandragore CK Obsession Partial Bottles: Bal a Versailles, no box Dior Dolce Vita, with box (possibly this has turned, all I know is it doesn't smell right on me) Happy March!

Carolyn C. March 4, 2013

I'm a leather fanatic and haven't managed to get a sniff of Ramon Monegal's Cuirelle and Mon Cuir yet. Would love just enough to test so I can figure out whether I need to add these to my leather fume collection! Looking forward to making someone else's perfume dream come true this month.

EchoCharlie March 4, 2013

Dearest Fairy Godmother, I would love the opportunity to try Vero Kern Mito. I am looking for something sunshiney for spring..and from what I have heard..this just may hit the spot. I check often for perfume wishes I can fill..and I am hoping to find a few in this round! :)

Jennifer Counts March 4, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy, I would dearly love to have a sample of the new Serge Lutens, La Fille de Berlin, or a sample/decant of Cuir Mauresque or Fleurs d'Oranger.

MariaA March 4, 2013

Hi Rina !! I'm in London!

MariaA March 4, 2013

Hi Rina!! I'm in London!

fleurdelys March 4, 2013

Is there a Fairy Godmother who can gift me with Caron Narcisse Noir? I can be a Fairy Godmother for someone who would like a decant of Le Labo Oud 27.

Rina March 4, 2013

Robert, are you in the US?

Julie March 4, 2013

Hi Fairy Godmothers! I would love, love, love to try Keiko Mecheri's Damascena. Anyone who has a sample to spare? I am located in Europe and I am happy to send other samples in return. Thank you!

GvilleCreative March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother (And Fragrant Friends) - I'm hoping to find/buy a small sample of Hermes Doblis reissue. This is a crazy, crazy desire that seems to come and go. Sometimes I convince myself that it may be *worse* if I smell it, because I can't possibly obtain a bottle. Sometimes I convince myself that it's just a perfume, and perhaps I don't need to sell a kidney to smell it. But then I remember that life is short, and wouldn't I regret it, if I happened to die without smelling it? Say I knew I had a day left to live, wouldn't it be on the checklist ("clean underwear? check. thank you notes for loved ones? check. list of passwords for husband, so he can pay bills and put daughter through college? check. Smelled Doblis before dying? Gah!") So, fragrant friends, I think it's time to admit that I should just fork over the cash and try it. Can anyone consider selling me a ml or two in one of those screw top bottles? I'm gvillecreative on MUA, for contact info. -A

Maureen March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, My birthday is May 4th, and since I have been reading this and other blogs for the past 2 years, I have been intrigued by the May 1st limited edition Muguet by Guerlain. I sampled Diorrissimo, and loved it, and would like to try the Muguet. Thank you.

Ella March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have been reading so much about the skankfest of Muscs Koublai Khan - verdicts ranging from "liquid porn" to "sugared butt sweat" - and what can I say, I am intrigued. So to save me from going on a mad spree, blind buying that sweaty man and the horse he rode in on, please wave your wand and give me a whiff! I am located in Europe, and will keep my eyes out for any requests I can grant in return. :)

Birgit March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother I have some fragrance samples that I would love to give away to whoever wants them. Laura Ashley - No 1 edt. I have a 60 ml bottle with about 40 ml left. Given away as is or decanted into samples of 2,5 ml spray so that several people can give it a try. Hilde Soliani - Il Vs Iris. 1,5 ml vial perfume oil Hilde Soliani - Acquiilssssima. 1,5 ml vial perfume oil Hilde Soliani - Presenze. 1,5 ml vial perfume oil Hermes - Jour d'Hermes edp. 2 ml spray sample Dior - Patchouli imperial. 5 ml mini Byredo - Black Saffron edp. 2 ml spray sample Byredo - Accord Oud edp. 2 ml spray sample I have bought Hilde Solianis perfume oils directly from Hilde, I don't think you can find them in a store. I also have several Hermes fragrances in 2,5 ml spray samples if anyone is interested. I live in Sweden, but I can send anywhere. I like to be surprised so if you have some samples to send my way I would love to try something new.

CM March 4, 2013

When I was growing up (in the 1980's) my Aunt gave me a bottle of perfume in a white (ivory) bottle that had vertical ridges all the way around it. It stood about 6 inches tall and was about 1.5 inches in diameter. I swear it was Magic Noire because I remember botching the french as I said the name out loud. I felt too young for that perfume, and a small spritz made me feel so grown up! Of course, the bottle is gone. I'd love to find that scent again. If it was Magie Noire, the modern version is nothing like I remember. Does anyone remember this bottle? Would the fairy godmother be able to find out what this perfume was?

Lynne Marie March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I would love to sniff some By Kilian Amber Oud if possible. Thanks so much. I love the opportunity each month to become someones Fairy Godmother!!

eldarwen22 March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, Thus far, I am pretty happy with what I have thus far. But I'm looking for vintage Shalimar.

thegoddessrena March 4, 2013

I am ready for spring and would like to try En Passant or any other perfume with a good lilac note

Estelle March 4, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I would love to try any perfume from the Comme des Garçons Incense line. I hope you are able to grant me this wish. Thank you, Estelle

septimus March 3, 2013

dear perfume fairy godmother.. I would love to be able to sample something of Frederic Malle's, in particular any one of the following: Angeliques Sous Le Pluie, En Passant, La Parfum De Therese, or Carnal Flower... I am located in Europe. Thank you :)

Martha March 3, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother - This month I would like to try some Sideris by Maria Candida Gentile or some Cinabre or both. Thank you ever so much!

monstersillage March 3, 2013

Dear perfume fairy godmother, I would love to get my paws on samples from Novae Plus. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but the bottles are sooo beautiful that I imagine the juice can't be too terrible. *crosses fingers*

hajusuuri March 3, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother, I granted some wishes in February (and in January) and will be granting wishes again this month! My wish went unfulfilled last month so I am trying again but will ask for something else: a sample of Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest or Chanel Cuir de Russie Parfum (I have tried the Les Exclusifs EDT and it was a no go for me). What say you? Thank you.

Heather F March 3, 2013

Hello once again everyone, I'm trying to explore chypres this spring (whenever it finally gets to be spring in Nashville...): I'd love to try a smidge of Roja Dove's Unspoken, Vero Profumo Mito, SoOud Ouris (not quite a chypre, I know), or MDCI Chypre Palatin, if anyone has a teensy bit of a sample left. Thanks so much!! My email is heather dot elizabeth dot freeman at gmail :)

mridula March 3, 2013

Dear fairy god mother, I was a past recipient - and returned the favour, granting perfume wishes out there in the world when I saw none I could grant here. This time I would love a little bit of any of the superlative rose note perfumes out there. How do I know superlative when I haven't had access to any of these in person. Perfume writing, of course. I am as much an addict of the narrative as I am of the juice. So anyone wish granter out there? Malle's Portrait of a Lady and Une Rose, Serge Luten's Rose de Nuit, La Fille de Berlin, Guerlain's Nahema and By Killian's Rose Oud. Oromond jayne's Ta'if. L'artisan's Voleur de Roses. Nahema is the one I long to sniff. thank you dear fairy god mother

springpansy March 3, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I would so love to try a sample of Luckyscent's Untitled series No. 7 by Hilde Soliani. Probably a long shot, but thought I'd check... Thanks for the opportunity! Debby

Red March 3, 2013

Sweet Fairies, These are my hearts's desire that I wish to wear. Bruno Acampora Musc, Creed Chinatown and any lines under Tauer, Tom Ford and Guerlain please? Thank you.

Amy K March 3, 2013

Esperanza, I was an idiot and swapped away my bottle of Ormonde Woman a few years ago, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since. If someone out there has an unloved partial bottle, I would be happy to give it a new home.

Suzy Q March 3, 2013

Hello once again Fairy Godmother and Posse pals. I wish for a small amount of Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille, 5 ml or so would be heavenly. Thanks for your past generosity, FG.

Patty Pong March 3, 2013

Esperanza are you busy? I long to try Elixir des Merveilles by Hermes. I can't get that chocolaty orange description out of my head.

ojaddicte March 3, 2013

Dear Fairy Fragmother, Thank you so much for fulfilling my wish last month! Your generosity is boundless. If it would be possible for me to sample Tauber Une Rose Chypree, I would really appreciate it. I hope to be able to fulfill somebody's wish this month. : )

Annie Amos March 3, 2013

Good morning! I would like to make an offer to my fellow Canadian perfume sniffers; in other words I am offering to BE a fairy godmother within Canada. I prefer to give away samples I don't love rather than keep them all, so you can write me a a123amos at inbox dot com, or I think via Facebook, if you would like a little packet of samples. You can see whether I have something in particular, or make a vague suggestion about what kind of perfume you like, or just get a surprise...AnnieA

Farouche March 3, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother, I would love to try a sample of Amouage Beloved for Woman, but I know that it can be hard to come by. If unavailable, I'd like to try Marni, as I've read such good things about it. I live in the US and like to grant wishes, too!

Spiker March 3, 2013

There are so many wonderful smells out there it's hard to know what to ask. But, ever since I read the description of Dzing! I've wanted to give it a sniff. How can you not want to smell a circus in a perfume? I hope to be able to pass the favor along and grant someone else's wish, but so far I don't have any of the requested scents. I'll keep checking back. Good luck everybody!

Jan Last March 3, 2013

Thanks for your reply to my last post, Patty. I found my iColoniali Seductive Elixir in the Sensual Silk, good stuff. I was a very good perfume fairy while you were away, and had a great time doing it! Now for my wish, Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale. I smelled this on a plane and had to ask the person what she was wearing! What a marvelous smell. Now I would like to test it on me.

MariaA March 3, 2013

Dearest Fairy Godmother, my wish is fairly simple, I would like a small sample of Tom Ford's Santal Blush and Jasmine Rouge !! Thank you in advance!!!

Tora March 3, 2013

Patty, reading your blog just makes my day so much more fun!!! I had to think hard about this "most wished for" question. I am torn between Serge Luten's Fumerie Turque which cannot be obtained in the US any more, or L'Artisan's Tea For Two, which is discontinued. Tea for Two wins!!!! Maybe someday I will go to Paris........

Connie March 3, 2013

Dear Perfume Fairy Godmother, Thank you for granting my wish last month and helping me grant someone else's wish as well. I would be very happy to receive a sample of Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant, which I can't seem to find anywhere!

Lyubov March 3, 2013

Hallo, I am glad I can tune in this month, because I couldn't for the last couple of times. Thank you for the opportunity, Patty! I am a frequent reader, but this is my first comment on the blog. I hope this doesn't make any trouble. But if I do not succeed, at least I tried. I am from Bulgaria and a lot of perfumes - not only niche, artisan or natural, are hard to find and sample here. Nevertheless, my travelling and the strong perfume community I'm into here makes it possible to devote properly to my 'smelly' passion. I learned a lot about natural perfumes but unfortunately this field is not well accepted and far from development in Europe. Some naturals caught my attention and I am obsessed to try them - Aftelier Perfumes, Ayala Moriel, April Aromatics, Providence Perfumes Co., Olympic Orchids, Anya's Garden, Strange Invisible Perfumes and so on...they make a great list! But maybe the most intriguing of all is Cepes & Tuberose from Aftelier Perfumes because of the prominent mushroom note that every blogger writes about and I haven't ever tried such thing...

lucasai March 3, 2013

Dear Fairy Godmother. You've been so good for me in the past months. I've been trying to spread good to the others, hope I do it right. My wish upon a star: Now that Le Labo is discontinuing Aldehyde 44 I wish I could sample it before it's to late to track the minimal amount of it. Also, if I may, I've been dying to try some fragrances from Farmacia SS. Annunziata, especially the one called "450". Please grant my wish! Hugs & Kisses

Robert Matthews March 3, 2013

There are two 1980s things that I would love to smell again: vintage Dior Poison eau de cologne, probably the best version of Poison that ever was (maybe a tie with the vintage esprit de parfum), and vintage Giorgio Beverly Hills Red extrait or edp, an amazing kitchen-sink floral oriental chypre (it boasted 672 ingredients!). Both of them have been grievously reformulated, of course, but they used to be truly great.

Dimples March 3, 2013

Hello! Thanks for this opportunity! I love the small of roses and also grow them in my balcony. I have heard a lot about Frederic Malle's "Une Rose" and would love to know what it smells like. Its not sold anywhere near where I live.

Jodi Posner March 3, 2013

I would be over the moon to find any sized bottle of Laura Ashley No.2 - It's been many years since it was discontinued. Many thanks !!!! Jodi