Stuffy Nose. Wearing Montale

Hi there Posse! This season I’ve been keeping a cold at bay since it has teetered around the edges of my health. I’ve had a few days of coughs and runny noses. There were two full days of sick man lying under the covers and drinking gallons of scalding tea with honey & lemon but it doesn’t feel as if the cold has really hit. This week I’ve had some sinus trouble and a stuffy nose that has rendered me less able to smell, however have I coped? I’m wearing Montale!

Stuffy Nose. Wearing Montale

I know. So many people turn their nose up at the Montales but I really love a few and they are perfect for cutting through the white noise and nose fog of illness.

Montale stuffy nose Wearing Montale

Today I’m in Red Vetiver. I’m not sure why it’s called that but the vetiver is crisp, wet and cool. Citrus gives it a sparkle and pepper later on dries it out and segues into the woodiness. Still overarching all is the grassy/oily/slightly smoky vetiver.

Last night for bed I gave myself some hefty blasts of Sandflowers. The first bottle I ever bought of Montale and nearly empty. Sand flowers is oily salt on my skin. I imagine it’s what the smell of that oil slick rainbow in seaside puddles would be if ever I could headspace it.

Tonight I’m thinking Sweet Oriental Dream, that almond/honey/vanilla bomb. It’s too sweet normally for me and can be headache inducing when I’m well. Somehow though when I’m feeling poorly it hits the spot. Warming and wrapping me in hyper sweet clouds.

I also have Dew Musk and I think that will get a wear tomorrow.

These are all from my bottles but Surrender To Chance has an excellent 6 x 1ml Sampler where you get to choose from  a long list.

What do you wear when you’re a bit snuffly? Would you be caught Wearing Montale?
Portia xx


  1. ha! I have been wearing Montale all week…Soleil de Capri….I also have a bottle of Ginger Musk which I wore in the spring….

    I hope you feel better soon , Portia!

  2. Hope you kick it soon, Portia, that’s such a miserable feeling.
    I like some Montales; there’s a decant of Black Oud that’s been in my collection for at least 11 years, one spritz in the winter lasts forever. I don’t have any of the ones you mentioned but Amandes Orientales is probably my favorite.

    • Oh yes Rosarita313,
      Black Oud is a killer!
      Amandes Orientales? I never heard of it. Looking now.
      Portia xx

  3. “Sand flowers is oily salt on my skin. I imagine it’s what the smell of that oil slick rainbow in seaside puddles would be if ever I could headspace it.” I love these sentences…**adds Sandflowers to test list and rushes off to read reviews**…… I think I would tend toward spicey-leathery scents if I had a cold. Get well soon!

    • Hey Kathy,
      Thanks for noticing and commenting.
      Spicy leather like Aromatics Elixir?
      Portia xx

  4. I hope you are on the mend soon Portia; such a yucky feeling when your sense of taste and smell are blunted. I’ve only tried a few Montale’s; Vanille Absolute, Sweet Oriental Dream, and Cafe Intense. I enjoyed them but not FB worthy. I’m not a fan of the bottles. They are not attractive or what I love about perfume bottles. Curious what others think.

    • It’s interesting how many people don’t like those bottles. I’ve always thought them really lovely.
      Portia xx

  5. Hope you’re feeling tip-top very soon! I love wearing gourmands when I’m slightly sick, if I am very sick all I can wear is TF Musk Pure for some reason.

    I have quite a few Montales I love: Roses Elixir, White Aoud, Mukhallat, Incense Full, Jasmine Full, Red Aoud, Blue Amber, and Sweet Oriental Dream. A lot of their stuff is repetitive and too much oud for me, but there is still plenty to love.

    • Hi TaraC,
      Jasmine Full and Incense Full have been on my radar. What are they like? Well named?
      Portia xx

      • I think they’re both really good, definitely worth a try.

  6. Gosh, I remember when the Montales first came out. That’s been a donkey’s age! I have one of the ouds, but can’t remember when I last wore it. Those metal bottles always put me off…

    My ‘go to’ sick and sniffling fragrance is original Comme des Garcons. It has a spiciness that cuts through a stuffy nose and always makes me feel like wellness is just an inhale away. I love dabbing a bit of the body oil on after a shower and a change into clean pajamas, too.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Portia! <3

    • Yeah, they were at the forefront of the niche explosion and things they did that were brand new and outrageous have become tropes.
      Another bottle disliker Cee, I’m in the minority of lovers I think.
      Portia xx

  7. I have never tried the Montales and the actual number of them puts me off. Don’t know where to start…but your description of Sandflowers makes me want to try it.
    I hope you’ll feel better soon.Luckily there’s always perfume to comfort us. Gucci Rush is my safe bet when I want to feel better instantly.

    • Fair call Neva,
      With that many bottles testing can take months. It is totally overwhelming to me too.
      Portia xx

  8. I’ve never tried any of the Montales, but I love vetiver, so Red Vetiver sounds a bit tempting. I hope you feel better soon. I love my green scents when I’m the least bit down emotionally or physically. Take care Portia!

    • Hey DinaC,
      If you like your vetiver like a Guerlain or Lalique then its will burn your face off but if weird, synth and OTT are your thing then Red Vetiver could be your jam.
      Portia xx

  9. I have no scent memory of any Montales so I’m OUT! But! the ‘oil slick/seaside puddle’ brought up an immediate visual…and then a made-up scent memory! (kind of like Coty Sand & Sable, I think). So thank you for that! xoxoxoA

    and better feeling, soon, okay? love you!

  10. I’ve only tried Roses Intense Musk, which seemed like a scrubber first but quickly turned into a full-blown love. Such a nice hot pink rose! I want a full bottle, even though I think Montale’s bottles are honestly kind of hideous. Maybe I’ll just get a decant of it.

    Feel better soon!

    • Hey Stephanie,
      Yes, that seems like a thing Montale does. Opening is OUTRAGEOUS but the heart and base are lovely.
      Portia xx

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