True Lust by Etat Libre d’Orange

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Hey Hey Perfumed Posse! True Lust by Etat Libre d’Orange is one of my Couch Cocoon Fragrances, not limited to that position but it does have that warming, feel good vibe everyone wants when feeling a bit poorly. Cosy, beautiful, wearable AND you can smell it through the depths of even the darkest cold and flu. With you guys in the Northern Hemisphere heading into your cooler months I thought it might be nice to have a reminder of this 2015 cuddle bunny of a fragrance.

True Lust (Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux) by Etat Libre d’Orange

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Rum, Ginger, Rose absolute, Violet, Coconut, Osmanthus absolute, Lily-of-the-valley, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Tangerine, Rice powder, Amber, Leather, Animalic notes, Sandalwood

True Lust: Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux (Google gives the translation as Violet Ray of His Eyes, pretty). Makes me think of the Angelica Houston movie The Witches. They all had violet eyes, remember? I loved it and watch it again regularly. Our Netflix has it.

Straight out of the spritz I’m smelling violet and osmanthus with hints of rice powder, surprised there’s no iris mentioned in the notes TBH. A very waxy, lipstick scent in the top notes. Imagine if Misia by CHANEL or Lipstick Rose by Malle were simpler, more spacious and sheer or if Paris by YSL was created right now for a modern 21st century perfumista. If you can do that then you’ll get how True Lust wears on me.

The heart is very rose and osmanthus heavy and the bouquet comes into play, the violets and rice powder haven’t left but are sublimated. The roses are deep red, slightly fruity and come with a generous helping of torn leaf and branch, giving the whole fragrance a masculinity unexpected and interesting.

My skin doesn’t really throw much animalic but the leather and woods in dry down still have the waxy sheen of osmanthus and violet and a dark, dusty kick of rose potpourri. Creamy sandalwood in the modern vein softens and grounds the final stages of True Lusts life.

Full Disclosure: I was given this 30ml Press Bottle by the Aussie distributor of ELdO, Bronwyn Gascoigne of Gascoigne and King Candles (they send to the world and are extremely gorgeous and affordable).

I seriously thought I was going to loathe True Lust before I wore it. Turns out I was wrong. 100% wrong, I love it. Roses and violets done in a youthful, buoyant way. This is fun in a bottle. Smells excellent on a guy too.

Surrender To Chance has samples

Have you tried True Lust or do you have a favourite Etat Libre d’Orange?

Portia xx




Portia also writes for Australian Perfume Junkies

Tara C October 12, 2019

Nombril Immense is a sweet, dusty patchouli, definitely a comfort scent for me. Hard to find any one who stocks it but I don’t believe it’s discontinued.

Tara C October 11, 2019

I have a few EldO’s: Antihéros, Noël au Balcon, Vraie Blonde, and next on my list is Nombril Immense. Need to sniff True Lust.

Francesca Belanger October 10, 2019

Sounds wonderful. Will have to give it a sniff.

matty1649 October 10, 2019

Already written a note in my perfume notebook X Reply button isn't working for me so I don't know where this reply will end up XX

Maya October 10, 2019

This is a line I have never tried. I've had some interest in sampling Etat Libre d’Orange but it always seemed to fall by the wayside or get forgotten. True Lust had me with the notes list. Everything I love is in there, especially the rum note. Your impressions of it added the rest so once I post this, I'm going *hunting*.

March October 10, 2019

Portia, what kind of computer are you using? "Reply" is working for Anita too....

matty1649 October 10, 2019

Thank you,Portia. Hope I remember XX

Eldarwen22 October 10, 2019

With a name like that, I would expect it to be really slutty but doesn't sound to slutty. I have been meaning to try them out but keep forgetting.

Dina C. October 10, 2019

This sounds super Portia! I'm so glad you brought it to my attention. I'm adding it to my sniff list. :-) Thanks!

Tiara October 10, 2019

As if I needed to add anything else to my "need to smell this list", but it's now on there!

Tara October 10, 2019

Portia, a cosmetic rose/violet is just my kind of thing. Must try!

Kathleen October 10, 2019

I have a bottle and live this fragrance. To me it wears exactly how you described Portia. It is easy, cozy and pretty all at once.

matty1649 October 10, 2019

I'd like to get a sniff of this X

Gina Tabasso October 10, 2019

I own and love this one, too.

March October 10, 2019

Dangit..... isn't it hilarious how I try this reply button, thinking the plugin will have somehow magically fixed itself overnight?

March October 10, 2019

Portia, you have made me REALLLLY want to try this! Thank you!