Lilas Exquis by Jacques Fath

Hi Posse, You know how sometimes you smell a fragrance and it hits the exact, perfect, photo realistic memory you’ve been looking for? Recently I was talking about the scent of wisteria. I was looking for a scent that smelled like the flowers on the vine in the evening. Then I had a bottle of Lilas Exquis by Jacques Fath arrive and it’s astounding.

If you need a pedigree, perfumer Luca Maffei has done a few things in my collection and many that are not. I own bottles of  Histoires de Parfums Not A Blue Bottle 1.2 & 1.5, Olibere Savannah’s Heart, and Pineider Cuoio Nobile. He’s also done work for Jul et Mad, Perris Monte Carlo, Mendittorosa, Isabey and Carthusia. 156 fragrances in the Fragrantica list. So Lilas Exquis is part of an extremely varied oeuvre.

Lilas Exquis by Jacques Fath 2017

Lilas Exquis Jacques Fath

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Hyacinth, Bergamot, Blueberry
Heart: Lilac, Lime (Linden) Blossom, Lily, Angelica, Violet, Magnolia
Base: Musk, Ambroxan, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Woody Notes, Amber

Lilas Exquis is not the pretty, soft, friendly thing that perfumers have been offering up as lilac for decades. None of that airy fairy shit. Nope. This is the feral, animalic, growly version we’ve all been waiting for. Lilacs do have a strong, intense scent when you stick your head right into the inflorescence. Thing is, this perfume goes even further than that up close, real life sniff.

I think it smells like wisteria. In full bloom. Wafting out its siren song to night insects. It is both high pitched white floral and dark recesses of wild dogs. The exact fragrance is so hard to describe other than that.

You know how narcissus can be a dark and brooding presence? Lilas Exquis is all that but in a quite different direction.

Lilas Exquis

Here’s the exciting thing though. Just like the wisteria flowers. If you are standing away by anything more than 50cm then it smells like a lovely floral. It’s still fully fragrant but the space and air takes away most of the darkness and leaves light. So you can be an under the radar skank wearer. Just open up your top or bring your wrist in for some deep, soulful skank.

Anyone can wear Lilas Exquis. It’s longevity and projection are moderate. It’s also hit the discounters recently so you can get it very reasonably.

Jacques Fath has an excellent Sample Set and if you spend 65 Euro it’s FREE World Shipping! Check the 4 x 15ml Travel Set for only 90 Euro too

Do you dream of wisteria perfumes?
Portia xx


  • Kathleen says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about this perfume since it is a love of mine as well. I can’t improve on your review and I’ve never smelled wisteria flowers; however, I purchased this for the lilac. I adore lilacs. Lilas Exquis is the best lilac fragrance, much more complex than others, not the simple other lilac like you mentioned. Gorgeous perfume and quite good longevity on my! xoxo

    • Portia says:

      YAY Kathleen,
      It makes me so happy you love Lilas Exquis. Your nose is far more refined than mine and I’m jumping for joy that you concur.
      Yes, the longevity is good. Especially considering how transient most lilac perfumes are.
      Portia xx

  • matty1649 says:

    This sounds lovely. The only Jaques Fath perfume I own is Irissime (sp) which I like….Pretty bottle as well.

  • Tom says:

    Reading this I am kind of dying to try it.

  • Maya says:

    I have wanted to try Lilas Exquis since I first heard about it, but couldn’t find samples and eventually forgot about it. Now here I go again. I’m hoping my skin picks up the hyacinth and “soulful skank”!

  • March says:

    Oh, this sounds absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I like the bottle, too! As we discussed previously I love the scent of wisteria, which a lot of people don’t seem to be aware it even has. But if you walk under a bower of them blooming it’s pretty awesome! Sigh, it will be awhile before I see the wisterias again…

  • Musette says:

    OMG. I hate you SO EFFING MUCH!
    I swore to snakes I wouldn’t lemming another goldanged perfume.

    Then you put ‘dark recesses of wild dogs’ in the same sentence as ‘light’…

    oooh! I do hate you so.

    But I adore you, too. So there is that.


  • rosarita says:

    This sounds beautiful, I love the smell of wisteria. Under the radar skank is intriguing !

  • cinnamon says:

    I’ve been trying to grow wisteria for years and our soil (damp, clay) simply doesn’t work well. I love the smell of wisteria. I’m a bit put off by the hyacinth and blueberry notes (only like the former in plant form). But I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  • Tara C says:

    Wisteria is special to me as it blooms around my birthday and they grow in my garden. Need to try this lilac!

    • Portia says:

      Hey TaraC
      What a beautiful scent to have for your birthday. Come to think of it, maybe it’s blooming around my birthday too!
      Portia xx