Sweet things: Prada “Candy” and “Serendipitous” by Serendipity 3

“Are you finding everything you need?” The grocery clerk asked me with a look of concern.  I had my nose pressed up against a bag of cat litter.   “Oh yes, I’m fine” I replied. “Thank you.” I guess it did… Continue Reading

Man-Repelling Perfumes (Ari)

Oh hey, Perfume Posse! My name is Arielle Weinberg, and I run the perfume blog Scents of Self. The other day, in a fit of Sour Skittles-induced mania, I decided that I was going to become a fashion blogger instead. (My… Continue Reading

Top Picks for Best Perfumes – 2011 in Review

Whew!  2011 is nearly over and I still don’t have my Escape limo and I have NO idea where Woody Harrelson is right now.   Better hustle!!!  But – we still have a few days so let’s take a look back… Continue Reading

Rosy Saturdays on Rue Musette

  Winner Alert:  Cuir Fetich sample winner is……..Mrs Honey!!!  drop a line at ‘contact us’ with your deets (and please remind us what you won).  thanks!   Unless you live on Jupiter and only get intermittent internet signal, you know… Continue Reading