New Scents To Me: I’m A Bit Behind

Hey there Perfume Posse! New Scents To Me, OMG how did I get so far behind in the smelling stakes. At one point I thought I was smelling at least 20% of the new releases but nowadays there are whole houses… Continue Reading

Top Picks for Best Perfumes – 2011 in Review

Whew!  2011 is nearly over and I still don’t have my Escape limo and I have NO idea where Woody Harrelson is right now.   Better hustle!!!  But – we still have a few days so let’s take a look back… Continue Reading

Sad News

    While I was doing last-minute research for the Cuir Fetiche post, I learned of the passing of Jean-Francois Laporte, the visionary behind Sisley, L’Artisan and Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier (MP&G) among others.   His contribution to the perfume world… Continue Reading

Cuir Fetiche

by Musette-with-a-Whip         I adore leather.   leather gloves.  I have a glove collection to rival Imelda’s shoes, in all colors and types. Leather dresses.   I wore a Harley-Davidson  black leather evening gown with red leather… Continue Reading