Fendi Furiosa

Hey Posse. Remember when you were so madly in love with niche that new designer seemed lacklustre and banal? Well, I went through it. I still idolised my vintish designer stuff and bought up stacks of my faves with backups… Continue Reading


Yeah, I know; I should be tied to a tree and pelted mercilessly with rotten eggs. Haven´t we already established that SJP NYC is just another addition to the vast pile of fruity floral bombs that doesn´t need any more… Continue Reading

Top Ten Perfumes of Winter!

As we are hitting mid-winter, the Holidays are over, and winter fatigue is setting in, instead of sitting around like Medusa, Stheno and Euryale – fighting over our one Gorgon tooth, eye and nose – we decided to be more,… Continue Reading