Devil Wears Prada Bloopers

Hi there POSSEEE! Today I thought we could go TOTALLY off topic, well not totally but as I loved The Devil Wears Prada so much and I just came across this fabulous Blooper Reel I thought it might be OK… Continue Reading

Rose d`Ete by Les Parfums de Rosine 1998

Hey Hey POSEEEE! Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and today we are going BACK! Way back. It’s 1998. Rose d’Ete is released by Les Parfums de Rosine and it has that lovely aquatic vibe that is coming back into fashion lately. Interesting… Continue Reading

Tops of Winter 2012

Before we begin:  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!   May it be a fragrant,floral,foody,flirty,FUN day for everyone!!                             I, Musette the Ingrate, was going to start this post with my regular diatribe against Winter, then I realized  it would be churlish and possibly irritate… Continue Reading

Rosy Saturdays on Rue Musette

  Winner Alert:  Cuir Fetich sample winner is……..Mrs Honey!!!  drop a line at ‘contact us’ with your deets (and please remind us what you won).  thanks!   Unless you live on Jupiter and only get intermittent internet signal, you know… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Perfumes of Summer

Summer. Summersummersummer. You know what’s weird about summer?  It’s a horse of a totally different color, depending upon where you are and who you are (or used to be).  I spent the last 50o years of my life in an Urban… Continue Reading

Beauty and the Beast

  Today we have two perfumes that couldn’t be more different.  Let’s start with Beauty – Parfums de Rosine’s newsest release, Rose Praline.  Notes of cardamom, bergamot, rose essences, Geranium, Rosen, grated chocolat, Lapsang Suchang Tea, Ambra, sandalwood, musk, cocoa make… Continue Reading