Portia in L.A. Charlize Theron has something to say

You HOOOO! Posse!! Here is Charlize Theron talking about the woman she envisages when doing those extraordinary J’Adore ads, because I’m out being SO LA!

Charlize Theron fanpopPhoto Stolen fanpop

From Fragrantica: J’adore presents a new conception of Dior feminity, a scent so new and so in line with Dior style at the same time – sweet but balmy, slightly sharp floral with fresh mandarin in the top; jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart; and amaranth, musk and blackberry in the trail. It was created in 1999. The nose behind this fragrance is Calice Becker

Enjoy the beauty of Charlize Theron and DIOR.

Portia xx

  • bramka sms says:

    One of the most beautiful women for one of the most beautiful scents.

  • She is such a glamour kitten! I wish I liked j’Adore… The interview has made me want to go and give it another go – I last tried it a few years ago, so maybe my scent preferences have changed.

  • Ann says:

    Howdy, Portia! Thanks for sharing Charlize; she does seem like a class act. I think I tried the original J’Adore way back when, but Dior with all its flankers has me hopelessly confused, for the most part. So I’ve tended to tune them out, save for La Collection Privee (New Look 1947, Grand Bal, Mitzah, etc.). Hope you’re still having fun gadding about L.A. Enjoy!

  • nozknoz says:

    I loved the original 1999 J’Adore – to me it was the smell of pure joy. J’Adore L’Absolu is pretty good but not a buoyant. Whatevs – you and Charlize have definitely inspired me to sleep in one of my versions of J’Adore tonight!

  • annemariec says:

    There is certainly a great ring of sincerity there which is so often absent in these sorts of interviews. And you are right – when you buy the perfume you buy into a slice of all that glamour, or you hope to. It’s the opposite of a lot of niche perfumes, you know? If you buy a bottle of something from Sonoma Scent Studio or Parfums de Nicolai, it comes with no advertising, a plain bottle, and an emphasis on raw materials rather than personalities. So from the get go you can write your own story into it, build your own associations and make it your own. I really like that.

    That said, the J’Adore ads are so alluring. I so wish I liked the perfume more than I do!

    • I totally get that too. Yes, as Brent from Smell Bent says, “it’s all about the juice, not the packaging or marketing”
      Lucky there is so much other choice for you that J’Adore
      Portia xx

  • Maureen says:

    Wow, I don’t think I have seen Charlize Theron with long hair in awhile…she is such a gorgeous woman she’d probably look good bald! I wonder if she really wears J’Adore????

    • I think there are probably J’Adore moments for her. Sometimes for me there are moments that can only be J’Adore. Yes, her glamour does play a part in the whole mystique and sometimes I wonder if she is so aspiration all that that is what I’m buying rather than the frag?
      Portia xxx

  • Christina says:

    Simply gorgeous!