Huitieme Art Poudre de Riz and more

My first thought was to do an Aquatic-Themed, post-Sandy post..then I realized that there is not one thing amusing, droll, twee….nunathat…about a bazillion gallons of sea and river water coursing into people’s lives.  I am just so grateful that all… Continue Reading

Miriam, memories, revelations… and a giveaway

As most of you know, Andy Tauer and Brian Pera collaborated on a film/perfume journey – Brian’s film Woman’s Picture and Andy’s perfumes created to embody the experiences and memories of the women profiled in the film.  I was going… Continue Reading

The Plum

      A Tale of Beginner’s Mind by Musette Every now and then I’ll meet someone who admits to lurking on the Posse but won’t comment, afraid that they don’t know enough, thinking I , The Great Musette, am… Continue Reading