The Shapeshifter and a draw!

Amouage Memoir Woman Bath and Body Collection   The nicest thing about a Beginner’s Mind is that it is open.   Alas, most of us (well, me anyway) have to go through the various stages of Mindfulness before we can get… Continue Reading

Amouage Interlude Woman and Man Review

This review of Amouage Interlude is going to be all over the place because that’s just the way my mind works – and there’s so much to say and refer to.  So buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride!!  But… Continue Reading

Amouage Beloved… I’m giving a little bit of love away

Amouage Beloved – This is a Grace Kelly/Dina Merrill scent, all elegance and refinement. It’s got that Golden Glow that all Amouage perfumes possess but here the glow is mellower, softer. This woman has been coddled and cosseted, yes – but she’s not stupid and she’s had a fair share of experiences that have left their marks – the marks aren’t severe enough to require “procedure” and they heighten her character. Continue Reading

Top Picks for Best Perfumes – 2011 in Review

Whew!  2011 is nearly over and I still don’t have my Escape limo and I have NO idea where Woody Harrelson is right now.   Better hustle!!!  But – we still have a few days so let’s take a look back… Continue Reading

Amouage Honour

by  Who Loves a Good Blade, Baby!     ….I never liked the story of Madame Butterfly.  It’s a beautiful opera and I understand the elemental idea and emotion but, given what type of emotion usually grips me, while everyone… Continue Reading


by Musette, who is craving some chocolate layer cake.   I remember the first time.  I was in Saks, back in the Joy/Paris/Poison days….  Diane was helping me, as I considered a purchase of Joy (remember when it was The… Continue Reading