Marie July 10, 2018

I wish I was able to find some of this!

Musette July 5, 2018

Not perfume, per se, but close enough: Chanel No 5 body oil. Like finding hens' teeth. I found a bottle on the eeeB, was praying it was legit. It is, blessed be, though it came with an illegit edt (which is fine - I use it to scent the sheets and bedroom curtains after a wash - gives a lovely 'perfume' smell). anyhoo, that is my GRAIL, bay-bee. Alas, discontinued, at least currently. xoxoxo

Kathleen July 5, 2018

I’m afraid to sample a fragrance that is discontinued and hard to find; no doubt I would love it and be disappointed. Creed Angelique Encens. Gorgeous and discontinued. Few bottles available on EBay for over $3000!!!

bevfred July 5, 2018

I always enjoy your reviews. This sounds delicious.

crikey July 5, 2018

Not long gone, but very gone anyway. I should know better than to fall so hard for limited production fragrances: Aeon 001. The moment I steeled myself to buy a bottle was the moment there were none left. Anywhere. My 10ml is running awfully low, but I am trying to wear it with gleeful abandon rather than eking it out. It's so bloody lovely.

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