Terralba by Masque Milano

Hey Hey Posse! Terralba has celebrated its tenth birthday this year! Where did that decade go? SNAP! and gone. I’m pretty sure this manufacturers carded sample hasn’t been here the whole time but it just may have been. There’s minimal evaporation, I’d say less than 1/4ml of the sample. Maybe I gave it a spritz when it arrived but I have no recollection. I found it in a box of some unbelievably special, hidden away for reference type samples. So in the spirit of New Idea 2023 I’m finally spritzing and thought you might like to know what’s so special about it.

Before writing this piece I’d been feeling seriously overwhelmed about getting everything done before leaving for Jin’s brother’s wedding in Europe. The number of days just got shorter and shorter and there seemed to be too little time to get everything done and do the things planned. Terralba reignited my fighting g spirit. Over the last two days of writing I’ve been galvanised into action and crossed quite a few necessary items on the list off. I’m not saying Terralba was the ONLY cause but it definitely helped.

Terralba by Masque Milano 2013

Terralba by Masque Milano

Masque Milano gives these featured accords:
Head: Clary Sage, Lemon, Green Tangerine
Heart: Myrtle, Thyme, Curry Leaves, Everlasting Flower
Base: Lentisc, Juniper, Cypress, Cedar Wood

Masque Milano is one of those super cool perfume houses that I always wanted to deep dive into but never did. Every perfume I’ve smelled of theirs is interesting and feels well thought out. My bottle of Russian Tea should get more spritzes, and if it was on the grab tray rather than in its box, in a box, in a cupboard it definitely would.

So, how does Terralba smell? Gorgeously herbal and aromatic! The opening is a burst of green, fresh, leafy citrus that is enough to revive the most flagging of spirits.

The heart is herbal and green with the honeyed unsweetness of everlasting daisy. We have an Everlasting Daisy native to Australia but I think it’s the Curry Plant version we are talking here. Strangely, our version has much the same scent profile. If a whiff of curry in your perfume is a no go then you’ll want to stay far away from Terralba.

As we head towards dry down the green woodsiness arrives. We still have hints of the fresh opening and rich heart  right through the fragrance but they remain only slight reminiscences.

Totally unisex but leaning towards our traditional idea of an aromatic masculine, with everlasting daisy in the role of lavender. Fully fragrant for just under the first hour and then becomes a dignified background hum. That hum continues all day/evening till it’s last green woodsy gasp.

Surrender To Chance does samples

Did you ever get your sniff on Terralba?
Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    No but I’m going to asap..

  • Dina C. says:

    That sounds a very invigorating, galvanizing scent for when action is needed! I love crossing things off of my To Do list. Good luck getting yours done and dusted before you go on the trip for the wedding! Sounds like fun. Hope you and Jin have a great time celebrating with his family.

    • Portia says:

      I’m arrived back from the wedding now DinaC,
      It was a splendid event. Got most of what I needed to done.
      From -4C – 42C in a week. Sydney is sweltering. Both weathers were utterly gorgeous.
      Portia xx

  • March says:

    Ooooooh, a MOTIVATING fragrance — worth its weight in gold! This sounds lovely, if not “me” and my guess is perfect for this time of year where you are. I’m always on the fence about clary sage’s smell. I had a patch by the driveway once, years ago, and sometimes I loved its smell and sometimes I did not.

    • Portia says:

      Is the clary sage too meaty March?
      Jin finds rosemary offensively gamey. I’m wondering if it’s similar.
      Portia xx

      • March says:

        Oh I LOVE the smell of rosemary, I had a big old bush of it by the front door. Clary sage can smell very bitter/sour to me on the wrong day.

  • cinnamon says:

    Green tangerine. That sounds nice. The only MM I’ve tried (at least I think that I’ve tried) is Madeleine, which is hugely sweet in that cookie way and layers beautifully with all kinds of more heavy duty things. I own a 10ml spray and I’m with Alityke that these are pricey. And a bit of a pain to get hold of here.

  • alityke says:

    Never tried anything from MM. Too cool for school, too expensive, too Italian stylish.
    May have to have a little dive in after Christmas