Gardenia Monday: What are your favorites?

Don’t you just love it when you get an unexpected fragrant treat? Looking out the back door of my office the other day, I was thrilled to see that three of the four gardenia bushes at the edge of the… Continue Reading

Narciso Perfume 2014 by Narciso Rodriguez (New Release)

Narciso perfume released in September 2014, an update on the original For Her released in 2003.  Notes of gardenia, rose, musk, vetiver, and cedar.  Narciso said of his new creation “I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance that would turn… Continue Reading

Le Labo Perfume Review – Lys 41 and Le Labo Ylang 49

white floral perfume - le labo lys and le labo ylang

If it’s summer, the sun is bright, you are sweltering in the shade with your fresh-squeezed lemonade and vodka.  That means it’s big freaking white floral perfume season! Le Labo Lys 41 has notes of lily, jasmine, tuberose absolute, woods, Madagascar… Continue Reading

Gardenia Perfume Redux – Arquiste Boutonniere & Serge Lutens Une Voix Noire & winners

I have so missed gardenia perfumes, and we have two more to add to the gardenia perfume list – Arquiste Boutonniere and Serge Lutens Une Voix Noire.   We also have the winners of the Best Perfumes for Fall, the… Continue Reading

Gardenia Perfume – Guide to the Best Gardenia Perfumes

gardenia perfume best

Gardenia Perfume. Let’s just all give a huge sigh before we start.   Those of you that hate gardenia perfume or thought you hated them, have hope!  I used to hate gardenia perfume, and I have some old posts/reviews to… Continue Reading

Gardenia Perfume – Strange Invisible Perfumes Lady Day

My obsession with Strange Invisible Perfumes continues. I swear, I will one day move past it, but I’m having too great of a time exploring them to stop yet, so indulge me for a while longer. After March and Elle kept… Continue Reading