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Patty White launched Perfume Posse in 2005, and we've been yapping on and on about perfume endlessly since.

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Day Off

Day Off

It’s July 4th here in the good old U.S.A., and we celebrate our nations birth by watching fireworks, gorging ourselves on hot dogs, drinking prodigious amounts of beer (Or in my case, Diet Coke) and in some cases taking long, arduous drives to very crowded beaches. Personally I’m going to The rest, please…

Best Valentine's Day Gifts - and a Draw!

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts – and a Draw!

  Valentine’s Day is nearly here!   What are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts!?  Dinner?   Candy? Flowers? Perfume?  Laundry done and the house vacuumed?  El O being ..well, El O, I am always a bit conflicted.     “What if he forgets?”   battles with “what if he DOESN’T forget but gets me The rest, please…