Fetish Parfum by Roja Dove 2012 GIVEAWAY

Hey Posse gang, It’s getting cool down here in Sydney as you all get the warmth. We still have lovely sun filled days but our nights are cool, cool, cool. You probably are still having cool-ish mornings and nights too?… Continue Reading

Thinking happy thoughts: Your favorite chypre

This morning I’m having one of “those” (clear-liquid diet prep) medical procedures done, my first ever, so today’s post will be shorter and sweeter than usual. I know, TMI (too much information) this A.M., but there you have it. It’s… Continue Reading

Sacrificial Scents

by Musette   When we were in our 20s (back in the Jefferson administration)  my galpals and I  fantasized about our married coworkers’ lives -a permanent partner for Chinese food and Friday Movies, sex every night, total validation on Valentine’s… Continue Reading