Zeta by Andy Tauer for Tauer 2011

Hey there POSEEEEEE! It’s Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies with a fragrance from one of my favourite independent perfumers. Zeta by Andy Tauer is a limited edition work.  A new direction for his work in a softer and less intense vibe. My… Continue Reading

India Holiday Fragrances

Hey Posse! I hope this finds you all happy and well. Portia reporting from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and very glad to be back from holidays in India, even though they were terrific fun. What did I end up wearing most and how… Continue Reading

Thinking happy thoughts: Your favorite chypre

This morning I’m having one of “those” (clear-liquid diet prep) medical procedures done, my first ever, so today’s post will be shorter and sweeter than usual. I know, TMI (too much information) this A.M., but there you have it. It’s… Continue Reading

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts – and a Draw!

  Valentine’s Day is nearly here!   What are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts!?  Dinner?   Candy? Flowers? Perfume?  Laundry done and the house vacuumed?  El O being ..well, El O, I am always a bit conflicted.     “What if he forgets?”  … Continue Reading