Memory of Kindness by CB I Hate Perfume 2006

Heya Posse! What an incredible name for a fragrance. Memory Of Kindness. Christopher Brosius does some wonderful work and when I saw this name on Surrender To Chance it alone drew me in and called on me to purchase. Kindness, such… Continue Reading

Christopher Brosius: CB I Hate Perfume

Hi there Perfume Posse. Christopher Brosius is a bit of a perfume enigma. Every now and then while I’m shopping at Surrender To Chance I will grab a couple of Christopher Brosius’ beautiful scents and drop them in my cart. I buy the… Continue Reading

CB I Hate Perfume LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Ho POSSE Frag Hags, It’s dirty old Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies here with a treat to give you a Thursday smile. We have another mental look at some slightly sideways fragrances with the ever lovely Robert “Radium” Maxwell. This time… Continue Reading

Seeking a Hint of Winter in Midsummer

Summer struck my particular neck of northern New England this week, and with it came a predictable, corresponding craving for refreshing fragrances. Citrus-based scents are nicely crisp, and green fragrances can cut the heat, along with mint perfumes, if you… Continue Reading

Desert Island Scents

What scents would you take to a desert island? Here in the UK there is a long-running weekly radio programme called ‘Desert Island Discs’ where a famous actor/author/composer/painter takes us through the ten pieces of music they would take to… Continue Reading