Holiday Yikes! A Goober Giveaway

Posse!  I’m … a goober.

So here I am, sitting in the garden…admiring my new fountain…thinking’oooh!  I’ll tell Posse all about it’….um….now?  Because Memorial Day is a MONDAY holiday.  And I am a goober.

So.  No post of any real import.  I’m a filthy mess – my friends brought a ginormous trencher in to run the power lines into the garden (and set it up for when the back porch is built)… I had to move lilies in 90F heat (in case you ever have to do something like that at the Wrong Season, here’s the trick:  dig a BIG hole.  Big.  I had to move 4, so each dig was about 3 times the diameter of the plant.  That way the plant really doesn’t notice the move.  )  My nails are destroyed.  I’m a filthy mess – did I already say that?

And I got nuthin’.

Except my fabulous new fountain, which is up on a plinth, burbling its ass off.

My New Fountain!

My friends (the husband is a Master Electrician and he brought his apprentice) also rewired the garage which, apparently, was so far below code it might as well have been on the moon.

lovely wife of the lovely Master Electrician and his lovely apprentice, trenching the living daylights outta my garden

They’re also rewiring the new breaker panel in my house.

All for materials…and food.

The apprentice is My New Son – he is nearly omnivorous and can parse different tastes and smells… loves all foods (except okra – see?  My New Son).  I’m sooo excited!  I get to make interesting food!  Cumin lamb with flatbread and sauteed collards (HE LOVES COLLARDS!)  and chile-garlic quinoa is my next menu.   Master E says if I do a meal like I did for Trench Day he’ll have an entire crew over here to replace my fence-gate (the 14.5′ span that fell on me TWICE after the tornado winds ripped it off the hinges…sigh.  El O… El O… that fence is the last vestige of his madness (fingers crossed).  The entire span is a gate – and that ‘gate’ is 26′!!!  Um.  This is a little farmhouse, not the Chrysler Building.  Ain’t nobody need a 26′ entry span.  I tried to shore it up – it fell on me, twice (did I already mention that?).  So ow.    Cranky Contractor ran over here to shore it up because Fences Fear Him (he had that thing done in .03 seconds)  – but it has to be replaced.  Cannot afford Cranky Contractor for everything… so having 2 or 3 guys over who’ll do it for a fabulous meal?  Swoony!

that fence HATES me!

And I get my house up to code  – or whatever passes for code here at the back of beyond.  GFIs!  No more burned-out sockets!

So.  Happy Musette.  No.  Not Happy.  EcSTATIC Musette.   I don’t think my feet have touched ground in 3 days!

But a suckeration of a post.  Because I am a goober.

So.  Tell me a story – how was your holiday weekend (if you celebrate) or whatever you want to tell me.  I’ll have Monsieur Jacques poke a pawnail or TWO for a giveaway!

Sorry I am such a goober.  But I haz a NEW FOUNTAIN!  And there are no more live!!! wires, un-nutted, just hanging about, waiting to zap the living crap out of me!

Happy Times!

  • Jennifer S says:

    I applaud you getting things done around your house!
    I have too many home improvement projects on the list….I need some “property brothers” up in here lol!
    Love that fountain. Love that you feed the hummingbirds!

  • Rosey says:

    I told everyone I knew would or could contact me that I was going off the grid to get my house in order and get ready for summer vacation because I want to look for a new job. And then, I did it. I went offline, and turned off my phone and everyone was not happy with me (even though I told them). My ex SIL and good, good friend for 33 years, was really, really not happy. She’s still just sending a thumbs up to a text instead of a reply (and I know her well enough to know that means she’s ticked). But, honestly, while I care they’re upset, I don’t care that I did it. It felt good. I might do it again, lolol. Here’s to long holidays, summers, and finding a better paying job (if it could be working with perfume, that would be even better, though I won’t be looking in that industry because I need MORE pay than I get, so I can’t be a newbie anywhere). 🙂

  • Maggiecat says:

    Glad your garden is so beautiful and that you now have safe electricity (and soon other necessary repairs). That’s the most important stuff! My weekend was quiet – we will leave in just over a week to finish the European river cruise interrupted by last year’s Covid and Things Must Get Done before departure.

    • Musette says:

      oh, honey – I’m livin’ that dream. I am going to KY for 2 days – TWO days. You’d think I was prepping for the Normandy Invasion!

  • cinnamon says:

    Great to see you are making progress with things. Gah, a fountain in the garden. How outstanding! I would be happy with a bird bath…

    • Musette says:

      I had a solar fountain but it went pear shaped.. and solar cannot give the splashpower I was wanting (I have LOUD neighbors. Loud)…
      A birdbath is… easy. Dew EEET!

  • Dina C. says:

    So delighted you’re getting your house and grounds up to snuff, as the saying goes. Almost nothing feels better. Fountain is adorable — love how you’ve plopped it in the Bird Zone. They’ll love it! My hubby and I went to a very swanky black tie wedding for our niece on Long Island, NY over the weekend. Had a great time with his side of the family. Reception part one was Saturday evening after the wedding ceremony, with a sit down dinner followed by dancing with a DJ. Reception part two was an equally fancy brunch at the same venue Sunday morning with a live band. Weather was picture perfect. Wore Mademoiselle Guerlain on Saturday, and Jour d’Hermes Absolu on Sunday.

    • Musette says:

      I have 2 fountains and 2 birdbaths (it’s a large-ish garden, zoned for particular plants, etc). Hummers are attracted to the splash in this one, as are robins. The smaller birds like the smaller splash fountain.
      Your weekend sounds absolutely delightful!

  • March says:

    I am SO GLAD you got all that work done! Wonky electrical gives me hives; I think I’ve mentioned to you that I hired an electrician to do various things at the last rental house because the landlords weren’t going to fix the issues and I didn’t want to fight with them about an otherwise great setup. But nobody needs an electrical fire. I want your house to be beautiful but also safe! You’re turning that yard into your own lovely paradise.

    • Musette says:

      LOL! For an OSHA-30 Team Leader I can be remarkably obtuse. It never occurred to me to check the garage wiring because …
      ….ditto the house. I knew it needed finishing but Master E is so skeeved out about it that I’m now afraid to plug anything in ANYWHERE! without a meter check. Once he and his acolyte finish rewiring the panel he’ll give me the go-ahead.
      While they love me, it seems both Master E and Mrs Master E are more concerned about the dog’s safety. Oh, well. I’ll take it!

  • alityke says:

    Your garden is so lush & green.
    It was a long weekend here, Whitsuntide rather than Memorial.
    I’ve popped to the local shops twice & went to the vets. That has been the sum total of my efforts.
    Mr Jarvis got conjunctivitis so vets Saturday am. Mr Jarvis now on Ete ointment, antihistamines & painkillers. DH came too. He was feeling stir crazy!
    Eldest son & his gf came over on Sunday, he mowed the lawns & DH & he chatted whilst son worked. I chatted with lovely gf about her search for a new job. Gave her some hints & tips about what interviewers like to see & hear.
    Then the sh1t hit the fan, DH started feeling off colour, his wound leaked again & overnight it was “surf’s up” again!
    Community Nursing team called out & coming back daily. Taking a swab today to check for infection too.
    Watched my team lose their Play Off final in the last minute of extra time. That put the icing on the cake of a somewhat sh1tty long weekend!

  • Tom says:

    I guess I managed a post (or will by tomorrow?) but mostly did, not a lot. I did some errands on Saturday, met a friend who was visiting from NY on Sunday, and waited for the plumber today.

    Now that your breath is collectively bated I think I will expound more in tomorrows post. I may even be able to tie in perfume. You never know..

    The apprentice is very cute. I’d be sitting there in a muu muu and sun hat watching him work, knocking back Singapore Slings. Not really, but I like the image..

    • Musette says:

      The apprentice is adorable. And so sweet. He was giving me Looks… which, because he is 40, puts him in the Danger Zone (long story)… but I then realized he was looking at me as a source of elegant, interesting chow – and that’s a-okay with me. I get to cook for someone other than myself, who really appreciates an elevated level of cuisine. He likes duck! In curry.
      Be still my heart.

      • Tom says:

        Oooh, in his 40’s? That can be dangerous. Old enough not to be cradle robbing but not old enough to need viagra..

        Now I’m sitting in the muu muu mumbling “plow that furrow, tractor man” between glugs of my cocktail. Well in my head anyway..

  • taxi says:

    Wonderful to get so much done in the garden with a happy & well-fed crew! Just in time for summer lazing with fountain gurgles.
    Nothing great for me this holiday. Nursing a torn ligament in my knee & need a cane to rise from prone or sitting position. Boring & a little scary in case I fall. (I live alone.) Hoping to avoid surgery. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of yummy pre-cooked stuff in my freezer.
    I did splash on Faubourg 24 yesterday for a bit of a lift.
    Closest family 200+ miles away & 5 funerals in last 4 months leaves me short of close friends nearby. Aging can be hard.

    • alityke says:

      Wishing you a straight forward recovery & no falls or other untoward incidents. Most of all you smell great!

    • Musette says:

      dammit, taxi! Take care of that knee – I know you can bounce back without surgery (fingers crossed anyway).
      as Bette Davis said ‘old age ain’t for sissies’ – but you ain’t no sissy!

  • Kathleen says:

    Holiday weekend was good, nowhere near as productive as yours. I’m glad for you that you got some major projects done. I worked a bit and today had friends over for dinner, great patio time! All day thinking about all those who sacrificed for our freedoms. Feeling so blessed.
    I wore Miss Dior Cherie. it is so fun to pull out all the perfumes and reminisce.

    • Musette says:

      I, too, enjoyed the feeling of having friends over! I love cooking for people – and it is a blessing that these people have taken me to their hearts!

  • Portia says:

    Yay for getting the important stuff done, at a good cost Musette. Perfume can wait.
    Portia x