Lordt, honeychile!  I’m the Busted Flush, today.  I can’t figure out what to write about!! Perfume?  Nah.  I’m awash in No5 – AGAIN!  (my shoulder has been giving me the flux since the barometer dropped/rose/dropped again and No5 is the… Continue Reading

Musette’s Musings: Gifts of a Certain Age

You know, Posse, my papi had a saying: “you get old… or you get dead”.  And while I’m happy to be in the ‘old’ category (or ‘old-er’, I guess) that category does come with challenges – things you experienced in… Continue Reading

Nuts! Reverse Squirreling 2

Posse!  The frost is kinda on the pumpkin and the hay is mostly in the barn…. it’s full-on Autumn here, with 30 degree drops in temp, rain… then a 20degree spike in temp – and that warm weather window is… Continue Reading

Wash Life

Posse – this is a Mashup Response to Tom’s ‘Whine’ post from last week (LOVE that hat, Tom!  I have one in ochre but would KEAL for it in black!) and Portia’s ongoing ‘thunk’ posts.  Tom and alityke chatted about… Continue Reading