Nuts! Reverse Squirreling 2

Posse!  The frost is kinda on the pumpkin and the hay is mostly in the barn…. it’s full-on Autumn here, with 30 degree drops in temp, rain… then a 20degree spike in temp – and that warm weather window is… Continue Reading

OPP and Late Summer Reading

Welp!  Posse, Labor Day has come and gone and with it most of the vestiges of Summer.  Mornings are darker.  And cooler.  Nights are, well, nightier.  And cooler.  Even the hotter days (and we’ve had a few) have a very… Continue Reading

Holiday Yikes! A Goober Giveaway

Posse!  I’m … a goober. So here I am, sitting in the garden…admiring my new fountain…thinking’oooh!  I’ll tell Posse all about it’….um….now?  Because Memorial Day is a MONDAY holiday.  And I am a goober. So.  No post of any real… Continue Reading