Musc Tonkin by Parfum d’Empire GIVEAWAY WINNER

Hiya All, Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies back to give you the winner of our competition. THANK YOU to everyone who entered because it was really fun for me to read your hopes and dreams for fragrance and the advertising surrounding it.… Continue Reading

Loving Leather – and Giving It Away – NEWSFLASH!!!

NEWSFLASH:  The folks at MiN New York have lost their minds!!!!  They have rescinded the 10ml vial.   Instead………they are offering a 100ml FULL BOTTLE!  (tester, so you probably won’t get the little red corset.  And who cares!)   everyone… Continue Reading


          Feelin’ HOT!HOT!HOT!   So.   Did you just get back from Pluto?  If not, you know most of the US is in a massive heat wave.  Nature seems determined to fry us into Bac-O’s, then blow… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Perfumes of Summer

Summer. Summersummersummer. You know what’s weird about summer?  It’s a horse of a totally different color, depending upon where you are and who you are (or used to be).  I spent the last 50o years of my life in an Urban… Continue Reading