December New Idea 2023

Woo Hoo! Let’s see how my month went for December New Idea 2023. I’m really thankful that after this I can spend time NOT worrying about making my New Idea numbers and that during this last year only missed completing one month. That’s a big deal. Thanks all of you that followed and commented.

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December New Idea 2023 samples

December New Idea 2023

A little recap for those who have forgotten.

Last year I was aiming to thunk five samples/decants a week. More if possible, there is still a tonne of them here to be dealt with. Every thunk was called a WIN, because let’s face it who doesn’t need a few extra wins? These are easy wins but hopefully gave us all a sense of accomplishment that carried over into daily life.

How It Worked

  1. No matter what size the sample or decant it only counts as ONE win.
  2. To count as a win the decant MUST be thunked. Yeah, I know but this is how I’m playing it. You can have your own rules if you like.
  3. Multiples in a day are acceptable. So, if you empty something in the morning, another after work and another before bed that counts as THREE wins.
  4. Manufacturer Travel Size is not a sample or decant.
  5. At the end of each successfully completed month I am allowed to reward myself with a splurge from ONE perfume store. Yeah that’s right. Sure you can buy 20 things if it makes you happy but it has to be ONE etailer or retailer in ONE TRANSACTION.

I celebrated by giving away a US$50 Gift Voucher to Surrender To Chance for every successful month to one lucky random commenter. Cool eh?

So let’s see how December New Idea 2023 went…..

FiF: First in Fragrance, LiP: Libertine Parfumerie, LS: LuckyScent, MPS: My Perfume Samples, MS: Manufacturers Sample, P1: Perfume 1, PG: Perfumista Gift, PP: Posh Peasant, RK: Ruth K, SG: Split Group, STC: Surrender To Chance, TPC: The Perfumed Court

  1. Day: Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal: STC 1ml: Mainly citrus with some leafy green and twiggy woods. Very wearable. Like
  2. Day: Bullfrog Secret Potion No 1: LKNU 2ml: Boozy amber done beautifully with a leathery dry down. Heaven. Perfect for the Paris winter cold. LOVE
    Bed: Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit: Wanting to wear this in the cold, as opposed to my Sydney summer wearings. While still not really my thing I bloody loved it to go to sleep wearing it. We are in a fairly low rent hotel but Ginger Biscuit made it smell like a high end bakery. Like
  3. Day: Laveau Perfume Aroma G’s Botanical: STC 1ml: Working my way through this STC A Visit to New Orleans Sampler but it seems to not be on the site anymore. Shame. Some of these are outstanding. Herbaceously green citrus with some resinous background. Minuscule snow flurries in Paris. LOVE
  4. Bed: Alkemia Perfumes New Orleans Love Spell: STC 1ml: OMG! How do I buy a GALLON of this? Narcissus, spices and creamy sandalwood/amber with a lovely crisp carnation floating around in the background. WANT! LOVE
  5. Nope
  6. Nope
  7. Nope
  8. Day: L’Artisan Tubéreuse: STC 3ml: Arrived home today at 7am after about 30 hours from Vienna. Really needed something gorgeous and uplifting. Breathy tuberose done in the sophisticated, short lived L’A style. Love
    Finished Reem Acra Shower Gel
  9. Morning: Creed Original Santal: STC 1ml: An aromatic, herbaceous opening heading to a sweet lavender over creamy, vanilla rich woods. Very old school and beautiful. How have I passed this beauty by? Love
  10. Day: Christiane Celle Calypso Vanille: STC 2ml: Vanilla with a citrus top. Pretty. I can easily imagine this being a no think spritz and go. Like
  11. Morning: Guerlain Mon Précieux Nectar: RK 10ml: First cleaning day after being away 5 weeks. Wanted to smell gorgeous as I go about it in the summer heat. LOVE
    Bed: Jo Malone Sea Daffodil: STC 2ml: Salty narcissus? Sign me up. This is so bloody good. L O V E
  12. Nope
  13. Nope
  14. Nope
  15. Day: By Kilian Sacred Wood: STC 1ml: Creamy sandalwood, dry and pretty. Like
    Evening: Anatole Lebreton L’Eau de Merzhin: STC 1ml: Green stuff. Hefty green. All the green. Jin very vocally said it’s disgusting. He’s wrong. LOVE
  16. Day: Charbert Breathless: PG 1ml: Spicy, vanilla rich floriental. Why don’t they make fabulous beauty like this anymore. LOVE
  17. Morning: Parfums de Rosine Twill Rose: STC 3ml: Bloody gorgeous twiggy, green rose. Effortlessly cool. LOVE
    Bed: Aftelier Perfumes Embers and Musk: MS: Meaty BarBQ smoke and woods with a strangely compelling fruit chutney marinade overlay. It’s gorgeous and follows the rule that men love the smells of bacon frying. Gets so many compliments. Like+++ but can’t imagine smelling like it regularly.
  18. Nope
  19. Nope
  20. Nope
  21. Nope
  22. Morning: Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa: SG 10ml: I love this strange beasty. Nothing I’ve ever smelled is quite like it. Plastic white flowers and coffee. Weird but fabulous. This is dregs of the 2nd 10ml I had before biting the bullet and buying a bottle. LOVE
    Evening: Maison Violet Compliment: LKNU: White flowers with some greenery giving dappled shade. Powdery vanilla base. Like
  23. Day: Aroma Gs French Quarter Perfume: STC 1ml: I think there might have been a couple of these throughout the year. It’s SO BLOODY GOOD! On the To Buy List next time we are in the USA. LOVE++
  24. Morning: Profumi del Forte Vaiana Dea: LS 1ml: OooooH! White flowers and honey with a heavy smattering of dolls head. Tropical and yet also gourmand. Like
    Bed: Majda Bekkali Tendre est la Nuit: LS 1ml: O M G! If I needed another spicy amber with cool leathery undertones then I’d be buying this beauty immediately. WOW! What a bloody stunner and the smoky incense is a perfect for for Xmas Eve. LOVE
  25. Nope
  26. Nope
  27. Nope
  28. Nope
  29. Morning: Bruet?: LKNU: I’ve tried to look this up but think they misnamed the spray tester. Metallic greenery, some over ripe fruit and a bunch of stuff. It’s kind of a mess but compelling. Like
    Evening: Bullfrog Fire: LKNU: This wins the prize for best smelling but most inappropriately named perfumes. It’s NOTHING fiery. Sweet, juicy, citrus opening tempered by a very cool mint and a clean patchouli/moss dry down. There’s a full Posse post coming. I’m feeling like this might be THE find of December New Idea 2023! LOVE
  30. Day: La Curie Geist: STC 3ml: I thought this was a tongue in cheek dig at modern perfumery until I looked up the crew. They’re very Slumberhouse feeling, including the bottles. This perfume smells like walking past a department store perfume counter. That melange of scratchy woody ambers. If it’s a dig it’s a bloody good one. Like
    Bed: Narciso Rodriguez All Of Me: STC 3ml: This is a radiant fruity floral that I can’t believe I’m SO IN LOVE WITH! On the To Buy List. LOVE
  31. Morning: Pantheon Roma Trastevere: STC 3ml: The gooiest, richest caramel/nutty/vanilla ever. In the cold of Europe it’s delightful. In the summer heat of Sydney it’s a little overwhelming for the first 15 minutes. Once it settles I smell like delicious, slightly coffee leaning caramel macchiato with extra Coles Caramel Chocolate Deluxe biscuits. WOW! Love

December New Idea 2023

THANK EVERYTHING THAT IS OVER AND DONE!! Yeah, I made it. Please leave a comment with something you thunked in December for December New Idea 2023. I’ll pick a winner randomly. Then announce in next Thursdays post,
Portia xx


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  • Brigitte says:

    Well I have been on a thunk roll….I have about 30 empty vials…..I have been thunking 2-3 samples per day and I plan on continuing in this fashion for as long as possible

  • Maggiecat says:

    Congrats on completing such a challenging project! You did inspire me to do some cleaning up – discarding older, off, and unloved samples, and passing on to others scents I think they’d like. And it was a joy to tuck a few samples of popular scents into an Angel Tree gift for a young teen. My sample box is much less cluttered, and that feels good.
    The Covid I brought home from our Mediterranean cruise, on the other hand, does not feel good. How come I only get Covid in Europe? How do you stay well when you travel?

    • Portia says:

      Hey MaggieCat,
      YAY for all your decluttering and giving.
      OH NOOOOO! Bummer about the C19. Last trip I spent three of the five weeks with a nasty cold. It didn’t slow me but was less than ideal. We are pretty sure my BFFs father sneezing in my face a few times the week before we left was the cause. GRRR! How do people still not cover their coughs and sneezes in 2024.
      Hope you get well soon,
      Portia xx

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    Holy crap, I hardly ever win anything. Once in a while I get a winning lotto ticket when I decide to play (not often). I have a few decants that are quickly evaporating and I ought to get a move on on those.

  • Dina C. says:

    Congratulations Portia on making it through the year! You did it! I was happy to play along.

  • Musette says:

    the Alkemia salty narcissus and that Rosine green rose are definitely on my list
    and congratulations to you for seeing this through!!

    And Vienna… sigh. I do miss civilization …


    • Portia says:

      Hey Musette,
      They were YUM.

      Vienna, in winter, with snow, Christmas markets & lights, family and friends. It was sublime. One day you’ll go again. It will be there waiting for you.
      Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    (The spam filter struck again!)

    Kudos to you for sticking to this! I am afraid that I’ve been collecting samples when I should have been dumping them. But I will give them away. Well, maybe not all of them..

    • Portia says:

      HA! Yeah, I have just made a large STC order. After all this work but I love to smell new things and it is a really good depression spiral detailer.
      Portia xx

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    The Alkemia and Trastevere have been added to my test list! Before Christmas I finally got around to rotating the active collection. Doing so allowed me to view every item and some tough decisions were made. In all, I thunked a travel spray of Nest Paradise (love it, to be replenished), rehomed five unloved fb’s, tossed two fb’s that had gone ‘off’, and set aside 73 samples for round robin projects. I count December as a major declutter success!

  • Mals says:

    “Jin said it’s disgusting. He’s wrong.”
    I love you guys!

  • AnnieA says:

    Well done on your perfume de-cluttering! You inspired me to work on this project too, if in a more minor way. Pretty well done with all samples and decants, yay!

  • March says:

    Ooooh you’ve prompted a lemming for that NR … wonder if they have it at our department store. Must investigate. I will add that I so admire your commitment to this project AND your commitment to travel! You have taken (and continue to take) such amazing trips, you are an inspiration. Happy New Year!

    • Portia says:

      Thanks March. On all fronts.
      Don’t get your hopes up high for All Of Me, I honestly don’t know why I love it so much but it’s catnip for me.
      Portia xx

  • KayKay says:

    Congratulations on your year of “thunking” Portia!! My goal for the December was to finish samples/decants that I had duplicates of and I accomplished that nicely. Took care of the dregs of samples of Byredo Bibliotheque, NR for Her EDT, MFK’s 724, Guerlain Spirituese DV, MFK Gentle Fluidity Gold (I found this one to be very similar to Commodity’s Gold Original, not a bad thing as both are lovely but a tad bit sweet. IMO, I would go for the Commodity Gold Bold version… its got a spicy saffron note that cuts the sweetness). Also finished the rest of a 3ml duplicate decant of FM MR that I got in early November (didn’t realize the qty was 2 when I ordered… not sad about it tbh). Also came to the conclusion that I can justify spending the $$$ for a full bottle with how much I spent on decants the past couple years. Side note, if you’re crazy like me, layer Musc Ravageur with either Shalimar or Chergui. You will feel like a blanket fresh out of a hot dryer in the best ways possible.

    • Portia says:

      Thanks KayKay,
      WOW! You went through a bunch. Some beautiful stuff too.
      WOW! That’s quite the layer combo. I’ll wait till the heat drops a little and give it a go.
      Portia xx

  • alityke says:

    Congratulations On completing you self imposed task so successfully Portia. I applaud your stamina & ability to stick to it for a whole 12 months! I haven’t thunked anything in December but did gift many samples to friends & family

    • Portia says:

      Thanks alityke,
      Giving stuff away is super good karmically. You empty your nest and give others joyful spritzing. Win win.
      Portia xx

      • alityke says:

        I curated a cosmetics & perfume sample box for my sorta daughter in law for Xmas. She loved it, so I’ve done the same for her birthday in a few days. POAL was a hit so I’ve popped some other big hitters in this one. My lovely cleaner also got a pick & mix of cosmetics & samples.
        Strange isn’t it that often we gift the sort of thing we would love to receive? xxx

        • Portia says:

          HA! This year I had collected stuff through the year to give as Xmas pressies. When getting to the box I discovered it was 95% fragrant stuff, candles, soaps, shower gels and perfumes. We buy and gift what we like.
          I bet they will love their boxes of goodies.
          Portia xx

  • MMKinPA says:

    Congratulations on ending your project! Very successful and I’m sure you’re happy to have a little more “freedom”. I’m circling back to a 365/365 project, this time my primary goal (besides wearing something different each day) is to let go of anything that isn’t singing to me (or as Marie Kondo would say, “sparking joy”.). I did thunk a couple of samples this month, L’Artisan Bana Banana (which was evaporating) and Dame Perfumery Passion Fruit, Orange Blossom & Vetiver, which was meeting the same fate. Enjoyed but would not restock. I did wear Cafe Tuberosa this month – went from sample to travel spray and then found a small bottle on a FB sales group before I LOVE it. I think it’s polarizing based on comments but not for me. Happy New Year and enjoy your bottles!!

    • Portia says:

      Yes, I’m so excited you’re doing 365 again. It’s fantastic. If I hadn’t;’t just done a year of something I might have joined you.
      Cafe Tuberosa ! It’s so good to read that others love it too.
      Portia xx

  • rosarita says:

    I thunked an old sample of Aroma M Geisha Noire. Love! Kind of forgot about it. Bought the oil roll on as soon as the sample was gone.
    Enjoy being back to wearing whatever, whenever you want! It’s been fun to follow your progress.

  • cinnamon says:

    Alkemia New Orleans Love Spell sounds amazing and that name … All these small strange producers in the US. This has been a wonderful ride — all of last year. Are you happy to just be wearing perfume now?

    • Portia says:

      If I find a way to get that gallon you’ll be on the receiving end of a decant Cinnamon.
      VERY HAPPY to be back wearing the bottles I love. It feels like real relief.
      Portia xx

  • Maya says:

    I love your description of Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa. It’s a strong like for me. I also love your description of Maison Violet Compliment. It’s a non-indolic tuberose on me, which sounds like it should be awful, but I really like it.
    The New Idea has been fun but I do understand why you want to have fun wearing whatever perfume you want, whenever you want. Wishing you lots of happy spritzing!

    • Portia says:

      Thanks Maya,
      Glad some of the descriptions hit home and YES! Loving the whole room at my fingertips. So much choice of things I adore.
      Portia xx