New York, The Clairmonde Perfume Project – and a Draw from MiN (and the Posse)

   SO Much Stuff To Talk About, I’m Going to Number Them All, Okay?  That way nobody misses anything (or if they do It’s NOT MY FAULT!) 1. Before I Reminisce,  Here’s a Fabulous Opportunity for those in (or coming… Continue Reading

Creme de la Creme

  well, my head is just spinning!   See, I spent the weekend in the LEAST glam place on Planet Musette:  Britt, IA.  Labor Day, as the Posse knows, is my yearly pilgrimage to the Draft Horse Hitch Show. Five… Continue Reading

Creme Noir

Wait!  I haven’t finished telling you about my Streetwalk up Boul Mich!    sooo…where were we?  lessee..(we did Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom…did we do Chanel?  Quick Chanel:  Howard LOVES Sycomore.  Made ‘mmmm’ noises at Jersey.  huh.  Eau de Cologne and Bel Respiro… Continue Reading