Caron Pour un Homme

Hiya Posse Peeps! If you’ve been reading my posts over the years then it will be no surprise how much I love Caron Pour un Homme. No matter how many perfumes I have in the wardrobe it still gets a… Continue Reading

Lipstick Rose by Frederic Malle

Hey Posse, A couple of weeks ago I was hunting through the cupboards and found the Malle box. TBH I haven’t worn Lipstick Rose in ages and so I thought it deserved a spritz. Holy Everything and a bag of… Continue Reading

Mitsouko by Guerlain. Am I Wearing Too Much?

Hey there Crew, So Mitsouko is not my Guerlain first love but it is the one I wear the most. There’s a whole shoebox of different vintages and strengths in the Guerlain cupboard (Yeah, I know. Bragging is hideous, soz).… Continue Reading

Russian Tea by Masque Milano

Heya Posse! Can you believe Masque Milano’s Russian Tea is now 10 years old? Last month the passing of Alessandro Brun reminded me to get out my bottle and give it a whirl. Alessandro was the Milanese born luxury scholar… Continue Reading

Happy Dust by Narcotica NEW! from 2023

Hey Crew! Narcotica? What a fabulously evocative name from a fragrance house. It runs in line with some of the biggest blockbusters of perfume history. Opium, Hindu Kush, China White, Cocaine, and Black Afghano are just a few. Though this… Continue Reading

Vanilla Sex by Tom Ford NEW! from 2023

Heya Posse! Yes, Tom Ford has brought out another double entendre that is really a single intender, and not a very friendly one. I can’t imagine telling a friend that I am wearing something called Vanilla Sex. Tawdry. Even though… Continue Reading